Market is defined as ' ' the place where if they commercialize foodstuffs and others mercadorias' ' fair ' ' public place, not rare discovered where if they display and they vendem mercadorias' '. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may help you with your research. Both the definitions are of the Aurlio dictionary. According to MOTT (1970) apud FERRETTI (2000): ' ' The term fair in Portugal assigns a great regional commercial meeting usually carried through with great intervals of time, while market assigns to place destined the local supplying carried through more to mide' '. In Brazil, as much small how much the great meetings commercial carried through to the outdoors they are called fair. 4.2.2 Configuration the fairs and markets if configure of diverse form what perhaps it corroborates in the distinction enters these two modalities of the informal commerce. The market in Brazil functions in covered place, daily and is open during all the day. The traders who work there, generally, only have this activity.

found in the urban nuclei and has as function the supplying of the population. Fairs are carried through in discovered place, frequently next to the place where the market functions and is characterized for a lesser regularity of what the markets, generally occur a time per week. Costumam to offer to greater amount and more variety of products and the salesmen participate in general, of more than a fair. The fairs can still be subdivided in agricultural and urban. According to FERRETTI (2000, p.43): ' ' The agricultural fairs are carried through in small nuclei, in the neighborhoods of the zones of primary production, what it makes with that if finds in them certain number of agricultural inhabitants, of periphery of the city where if it carries through, making the fair, and a percentage of primary producers between the feirantes. The urban ones, carried through in the great cities or same in the capitals of the States, frequently called? free fairs? , they vendem, over all, fruits and vegetables.