They talked of many things including, to me told me the indispensable. Memories of that time that one of them I got a problem with your mother, Yes, I was innocent of the matter until her mother came to my house to claim me because I made out much to his daughter, basically tried to tell me that I was spoiling her. He didn’t know how to react to this face, never anyone had claimed me nothing and less making a serious accusation for me, luckily my aunt went out in my defense and told him that I just left from time to time, and to ask her daughter why you He was lying because I was always at home and she had never come. Lady calmed his State and told us that his daughter went out every day and arrived late, just said that he was with me or in my house. That girl never gave me face by the situation that made me go, and I stopped to talk to him. At the end of the various periods of study, I walked away from the group. Years later I found out by chance that that group had disintegrated over time and that they ceased to speak among them. While it was true that lived long time with different people, it was also true that they left me alone all that time most. So I found it better to be single, and that was what I learned and what I lived for many years. When I arrived to study the past periods of secondary education in another school I felt lost, I didn’t know anyone and were not where the classrooms. But that first day I found a very kind girl who lent me his notebook, and that eventually would become a great friend of high school along with two other people. .