But it is unquestionable that, according to Kaloustian (2002, p.11-12). The family is the indispensable space for the guarantee of the survival of development and the integral protection of the children and too much members, independently of the familiar arrangement or the form as they come if structuralizing. She is the family who propitiates them over all arrives in port affective necessary substances to the development and well-being of its components. British Journal of Educational Technology recognizes the significance of this. It plays a decisive role in formal and informal the education, is in, its space that is absorbed the humanitarian values ethical and, and where if they deepen the solidarity bows. She is also in its interior that if constructs the marks between the generations and are observed cultural values. One understands that in fact the family is to the base of all the emotional development of the child. Being the main agent of socialization, having to be informing partner and of the actions in the process of formation of the personal and social identity of the child and of adolescent. Thus, historically to the occured changes during the socialization process they are relative, perceives that in some families who possess adolescents in conflict with the law, the lack of impositions of limits, the lack of dialogue, the aggressiveness in the familiar relations and the relaxed education, propitiate antisocial behaviors. What she comes to strengthen the importance of the familiar structure in the context of the process of ressocializao.1.1 Family and public politics the familiar group passed to be considered by the sociocultural movements, as one of the questions central offices due if to constitute in the first and continued space of formation of the citizens for a participation citizen, in its organizations and the dialogues with the governmental institutions (MIOTO, 2005). Leaving of this idea, she verifies yourself that it is a basic question the necessity of promotion and support the vulnerable families through articulated and well focused social politics.