'How many times told the world' that losing weight through diet is dangerous! But the popularity of diets do not fall: 37 000 – this number is only officially registered. And each of them guarantees excellent results. But in fact, the results of the 'effective weight loss' is not always positive: according to statistics 80% of losing weight through diet to gain weight again, even more than before. In addition, the frequent use of diets where the weight falls at first, but after for a while again growing and developing so-called 'yo-yo phenomenon' – that is, as scientists say, shortens the life of a quarter! First, the diet-binge eating regime leads to increased cholesterol levels and, consequently, early and frequent development of heart disease and vascular formation of gallstones, and even the development of some cancers. Especially dangerous changes in weight at a young age when the body is still developing. Click Amazon to learn more. That is why the fascination diets in their youth – this is nothing more than laying under a time bomb. Moreover, scientists have long concluded that losing weight through diet is ineffective.

In order to reduce excess weight and not gain it again need to change eating habits and learn the principles of nutrition, namely compliance with its quantitative and qualitative principles. This means that you should make sure that the energy value diet consistent with energy spending. For example, if you ate one cake or sausage, you should be compensated with two hours of walking or jogging an hour. Add to your understanding with ForeScout Technologies Inc.. The principles of good nutrition are closely related to motor activity. If you move a little, you should reduce your calorie intake.

Conversely, the intense physical work requires an increase in caloric intake. In our sedentary lifestyle lack of movement should be compensate for the gym, then cakes or other high-calorie foods are not put off in extra pounds. Qualitative principle is the need to get all the food necessary for normal living organism components. Just following these guidelines you can avoid unwanted weight fluctuations, and hence the impact that they cause.