Yes, is it. In addition no longer it has remedy. Whenever The Journal of Educational Research listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Good, good. Cuntamelo. You remember my friend Merc Rovirosa, of whom I have spoken some times to you? Clear that I decide to me. What has happened to him? It told it to me.

It is that she also it was in the same French boarding school that Mari Sea. For this one, to have a friend of Barcelona, its same school, and as intimate as Merc, was all a joy. It made him not feel abroad so strange and of its atmosphere, in a foreign country and with new companions who until then did not know. By the same author: Bioscience Journal. So everything went of Rep them with Merc. And it continued thus going until a prophetic day: Merc the last class that one morning had needed, which surprised a pile to me. I thought that it could be ill.

So I went to its quarter, in case it needed something. The door was closed without latch. Mari Sea was interrupted steeply. As if a wall had interposed in its speech. In spite of his efforts it could not follow. It was blocked, like those mechanisms in which a piece is clogged in the gear and prevents its operation. After two interminable minutes I tried to help it: Decas that the door did not have thrown the key. With determination, as if thus it was the unique way to continue his story, Mari Sea continued hastily: I abr So it. And there it was I saw yes I saw Merc in the bed, undresses. But she was not single. He was yes, with her was also naked, yes the mother superior, Bernardette, the Bernardette mother. And the two good were making things that did not imagine to me that it did not know. Also I remained stupefied with similar revelation.