Currently the education of the Mathematics if presents descontextualizado, inflexible and invariant, being product of privileged minds. The pupil is, many times, a mere expectador and not a citizen participant, being the biggest concern of the professors to fulfill the program. The contents and the methodology if do not articulate with the objectives of an education that serves to the social insertion of the children, to the development of its potential, of its expression and interaction with the way, following the same line of thought of Nilza Eigenheer Bertoni. We can agree that the Mathematics is being worked of this form, therefore observing diverse schools of our region we find situations of this type, and to display the History of the Mathematics that of certain form would serve to improve the communications of diverse professors in its lessons, to clarify Marrow (1975), apud Iran Abreu Mendes says that ' ' History as knowledge is non-separable of the historian, whose active participation in the historical document elaboration creates conditions and ways for the understanding discovered them passed it. Levi’s might disagree with that approach. History reflects the interest of the time where it was written and the search of the knowledge if characterizes for the process of historical inquiry, from there the importance and the utility of the studies histricos' '. The use the History of the Mathematics inside of disciplines Mathematics would serve for the alunado one as a motivador instrument despertando the interest of the pupils for the mathematics, remembered despite history would be only one resources of introduction of the boarded content in classroom. To speak of History of the Mathematics without speaking of didactic books is a little difficult, being that the same ones have much little to contribute with the clarification of subjects (concepts) and the use of its methodologies (didactic). The didactic books would have to be worked in accordance with each region looking for to introduce a relation of the mathematics with the daily one of each individual in its respective realities.