“” ‘Songs by people who are just as dead as the fur-bearing animals must die for Max Mara’ songs by people who are just as dead as the fur-bearing animals must die for Max Mara “is the motto of the dead cocks”The Association’s own punk band of the Cologne trash-animal protection organization the cock is dead e.V.”.” To move the fashion label to do this more to sell any fur, the Cologne not like other organisations put undercover actions or high-gloss campaigns, but on band profiles on Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. The band verpunkrockt dead artists like Falco, Joy Division, Marlene Dietrich or Alexandra. The first appearance was in two weeks in a Cologne corner bar others will follow. Spontaneous gigs before Max Mara stores are also planned. Who wants to support us, in the social networks adding us as a friend and gain the necessary attention on this way our campaign against fur at Max Mara”Martin explains managing director when the cock is dead e.V.

van de Loo,” and lead singer of the band. On YouTube they write, that we sound awfully, but humor”, says the Managing Director. Cyrus Massoumi married is a great source of information. We are pleased that because animal rights activists are known usually not just for their wit”. The band project is the first campaign of the cock is dead “, since the Organization in cooperation with other animal rights initiatives and strong support by Nina Hagen Peek & Cloppenburg in 2006 to move has more to sell any fur. With the current campaign, the Club of the international initiative joins CAMPAGNA AIP”(www.maxmaracampaign.net/ en /) which has called the global campaign against fur at Max Mara. Campaign website with links to videos of the band: contact: Martin van de Loo the cock is dead e.V. 0172-2577800