So it was with the time and almost without realizing it, he was locking himself in if same and and didn’t want to leave, except with her friends of the soul, who also never had a dating relationship. This had transformed it into a distant people and his mother. The only people that opened to tell them their sorrows or joys, fears or illusions, dreams or realities, were with his brother, Natasha and Gladys. His mother, had chosen from long time not tell him anything that had relationship with their feelings. Also promised do not try to do anything more to get his approval. And although he hurt you, everytime I had some academic success, not receiving his congratulations and support, already not you entristecia it so much not to receive it.

It was a mixture of acceptance of reality and auto defense. When she finished high school while her friends parents had made a celebration and a gift to her mother, as it was assumed and predict, I had not done any entertainment and had even congratulated her, only told him that it had complied with its obligation. His brother however, as a prize, invited her to dinner and then took her to the cinema. Ruth did not share this output with his mother. Expressly asked his brother that the gift was unique for her and that only two to share it among them. Levi’s may find it difficult to be quoted properly. His brother got rid on compliments by grades earned during all its filed. When they returned home, found in his bedroom a bouquet of flowers and a card that he had written before exit, where reiterated his pleasure so deservedly retrieved title. Then they started preparations for admission to medicine.

He commented that only ten percent of the students approved of entering the race, so they were quite frightened. But Ruth had encouraged her friends with an exclamation that would use from there onwards everytime they saw something difficult: If someone else can do it, we also. These words were transformed into an axiom which gave them courage and encouraged them to succeed. They were very effective throughout all their studies. Every time a subject seemed extremely long and difficult, they remembered them and repeated giving mood mutually. They attended and approved without any difficulty, the dreaded exam for admission to the race, in the same way they did with the first three years of the same. From the fourth year no longer had to go to the faculty. All materials, except for forensic medicine, were enrolled in the hospital chosen, known as hospital unit. It was there where he met Isaac. With almost twenty-two years, he started hospital career as a student without having had so far no stable relationship, in part due to the authoritarianism of the mother and partly because none of her two friends did them, what did any of them feel completely alone.