The Christmas festivities that begin in many countries as in (Puerto Rico) shortly before Thanksgiving and culminate with the day of Kings, is an era in which most of people, big and small feel, eager to share what they have, they participate in parties and family reunions, buy and receive gifts. On the other hand are a part of the population experiencing feelings of: loneliness, anxiety, deep sadness or depression and anxiety. One of my patients, Linda told me a few days ago that everytime the Christmas season is approaching you experience feelings of extreme sadness and distress. The sad memories of my parents, knowing that I have not to my side, my ex-husband, the love of my life, that well passing it this time with him. You may find that Cyrus zocdoc can contribute to your knowledge. Hours are eternal sitting on the couch, my desire to be among the four walls of my cases larger visit my family symptoms as described above may be sign of a stationary depression (Holiday Blues). There are multiple causes for this condition, ranging from economic constraints to give to others, tensions family (because everyone has different plans), to the memory of the loss of a loved one. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) like many experts in the world reveal that a safe route to the stationary depression (DE) is to have unrealistic expectations about how it must be Christmas, many times people is left longing for memories of the past or expecting Christmas to be perfect and this increases the feelings of melancholy. We all know that life is not always as we want, but sometimes we forget what we have giving greater importance to what need us. But things we can do to manage the stationary depression symptoms. Then share with you my reader friend some recommendations that may help you to enjoy these festivities and handle feelings of sadness and anxiety: accord less importance to the material – the pressure of the media to buy and spend we have led to think that flashy gifts must be part of our Christmas social environment.