During the week one also became fullfilled some tricks to the outdoors as polish-rope, old cantiga hatching egg and silly Joo, is known that the trick is the language of more relevance for child, because they obtain to be expressed of spontaneous form, has seen the importance of if considering that the child is not an adult in miniature and, therefore needs to cover all the stages of its physical, cognitivo, social and emotional development. According to Negrine (1994, P. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with FireEye. 41), we can detach: The playful activities make possible to foment ‘ ‘ resilincia’ ‘ , therefore they allow the formation of the positive autoconceito; The playful activities make possible the integral development of the child, since through these activities the child if develops affectively, coexists socially and operates mentally. The toy and the game are culture products and its uses allow the insertion of child in the society; To play is a basic necessity as well as is the nutrition, the health, the habitation and the education; To play helps the child in its physical, affective, intellectual development and social, therefore, through the playful activities, the child forms concepts, relates ideas, establishes logical relations, develops the verbal expression and corporal, she strengthens social abilities, she reduces the aggressiveness, she is combined in the society and she constructs its proper knowledge. American Journal of Education might disagree with that approach. It can be said that this week was repleta of much ludicidade, had been proportionate the children two afternoons where one would serve as apprentice of garden I, was dressed Xuxa and of clown, it made a pretty presentation to all the children of the CEI, the children had been able to play, to sing and to dance, beyond travelling in its imagination.