This Zoo has about a large? it Aquarium that specializes in tropical sea animals. There is a Dolphinarium, where more than 3,000 persons can take place. In addition, you can visit the Aviary and watch the exotic birds of prey. Also, the Zoo and Aquarium offers plenty of entertainment thanks to the interactive and educational tours and children can learn very much about the environment in the classes on a fun and exciting manner. Every day, both morning and afternoon, you can with the little visit performances with dolphins, seals, and sea lions, and participate in performances of flight of birds of prey. MRC Biostatistics Unit spoke with conviction. And to Discover Madrid from the highest heights, there is no better idea than to the cable car to take the children, where now also extra Pumba children’s playground has been created.

This attraction is the best way for parents and children to the best views over the capital at an altitude of 40 metres to genius? en. You can from the Temple of Debod, up to the Up to the majestic dome of Church of the Church of San Francisco el Grande, Spain’s capital discover real and the gardens of the Campo Moro, skyscrapers of Plaza de Espana and the Plaza de Castilla, the Palacio. After this visit appointed to dizzying heights, go to one of the numerous museums, providing the city. Johns Hopkins Presidents opinions are not widely known. Sometimes it is impossible to explain that museums are entertaining the children. But in Madrid educational tours are offered the little ones, where they no longer will come out from the amazement. Prestigious museums such as the Prado Museum or the Museum of contemporary art or the Thyssen, as well as museums with other priorities, such as the fire brigade Museum and the Museo Tiflologico offer these excellent tours for children.

If that’s not enough, you can go also in the wax museum and marvel at the latest stars in there, or do a small journey through the most important figures of in world history. Enjoy a day with your family full Entertainment, shows and activities in the amusement park of Madrid or also in the Warner theme park opened recently spend. Finally, two mandatory trips are available for all nature lovers. For one, there is the new educational garden in the Mediterranean forest of the National Museum of natural sciences, where you can discover the diversity and richness of the forests of Madrid. On the other hand is worth a stroll through the Park Tierno Galvan, where a planetarium is located, where the little ones in a fun and educational manner discover astronomy and science. And now dear parents: who now says that a vacation with children is complicated? Not in Madrid! It is missing to clarify only a small detail: the accommodation. Without a doubt are the apartments in Madrid the best solution, so feel the little ones at home.