For the small ones that they take snack ' ' To negotiate with the child the assembly of the lunch box, this the awaken one for the balanced nutrition and the healthful and sustainable food choice. ' ' Lunch boxes must be always clean, washed with biodegradvel detergent whose residues are not pollutant. ' ' To have the same well-taken care of with the thermal bottles, that must be washed as baby’s bottles, being used brushs that reach the deep one. ' ' The indicated foods more are dry fruits, fruits, fruit juices, integral bars of cereals, breads, sandwich of white cheese and water of coconut. ' ' To order washed entire fruits and already. Not to cut or to peel to prevent the oxidation process that darkens the fruits, as apples, pears and bananas.

' ' To prefer simple and less calricos cakes and big cookies, with the possible minimum of saturated fats and without fat trans. ' ' Cakes stuffed and with covering have more risk of contamination, over all in hot days. ' ' Stuffed big cookies have more fat, and many times have fat trans. ' ' Industrialized, cooling care with frituras, salgadinhos, artificial juices, bullets, pirulitos, chicletes. Beyond low nutricional value, they contain fats in excess, and they leave more garbage proceeding from the packings.

5 CONCLUSION We saw, that to have a healthful feeding he is one of the basic points for the maintenance and improves of the quality of life of the human beings. The implantation of hortas pertaining to school for the organic food culture is positive for offers of a Healthful, free Pertaining to school Feeding of agrotxicos and for the direct contact of the educandos with foods, fortifying the alimentary education. The alimentary education is basic to stimulate the formation. To work this subject with the educandos. The principles of the healthful feeding are very simple. The secret is to eat a great variety of foods and, when in the certain measure, it helps the conservation of the health. 6 REFERENCES CTENAS, M.L. VTOLO, M.R. Growing with greets – the guide of growth of the child. C2 publishing company. So Paulo. 1999. MARINS, C. ABREU, S.S. Pyramid of foods – manual of the educator. Nutroclinica. Paran. 1997. DEEP NATIONAL OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE EDUCATION (FNDE). Manual of the advice of pertaining to school feeding. Brasilia: FNDE, 1999. Brazilian publisher. n. 151, 14-22, jul. 1995. RASP, Joseni France. You is what it eats. Life and So Paulo Health: House Brazilian Publisher, year 65, N. 10, P. 42 and 43, out. 2003. ISSN 1413-0882. MAGALHES, Anglica. Alimentary education: pedagogical action that must be extended of the school to the family. Professor. Porto Alegre: CPOEC, v. 20, N. Learn more on the subject from Kindle Direct Publishing. 78, P. 14-17, abr/jun. 2004. HEALTHFUL FEEDING: Pertaining to school Merenda better for the health and the environment: Available in: