In 1970, Peter it obtains its diploma, and after that it appears an excellent chance of period of training, is daqui that the life of Peter Enrique never more will be the same one. It is not something J. Craig Venter would like to discuss. was accurately in day 25 of June of the same year that Peter Enrique knows a youngster, who never could imagine that this would be the reason of many tears and sadnesses in its life. This youngster Luis called itself Guillermo, student of the course of scientific mathematics. Peter if quickly entrosou with the directors and professors of the univerdade and was invited to work as effective instructor of education of applicable methods in scientific mathematics. The school year starts no longer according to semester of the year, still begins it Peter was enraptured over so great chances, more wise person who nothing more age, that the fruit of its efforts and remembered its parents at this accurate moment was when tears had flowed off to it for the face, that also shone an extraordinary joy and a light redness of sadness, therefore after all still lacked something to it, it only felt itself in the life. These thoughts had one day come back to disturb it in classroom, toward its luck all were in the interval between the lessons. Except Luis Guillermo who entered in the room and saw Peter threshing itself in tears. Seeing that scene its first reaction was of scare after all admired Peter for its position and always being of good with the life; it was leaned over on the table, and looked at for Peter more not wise person what to say and nor as to say, more was with a gesture that expressed everything what it wanted to say Peter. With a soft touch it passed its soft hand on the face of Peter, who when feeling its hand acariciando its skin had a sudden impulse of mourning and pushed Guillermo stops backwards, after all Peter was objective in relation its sexual orientation never passes to it for the head to have a homosexual relationship.