Lapsing: To allow to frequent periods of rest and interruptos periods of sleep; To stimulate games and quiet activities; To help the child to select appropriate activities for the age; To prevent extremities of ambient temperature (because the hipertemia or the hipotermia it increases the oxygen necessity; To implement measures that reduce the anxiety; To answer immediately I cry to it or other manifestations of estresse. Modified growth and related development with offer inadequate of oxygen and nutrients to fabrics. Lapsing: To offer a balanced and highly nutritional diet; Monitorizar the height and the weight; Suplementao of iron can be managed to correct the anemia, if prescribed. Conclusion With the present work we can perceive the importance of the identification of the congenital cardiopathies, with the intention of a fast and adjusted intervention. It is basic to move away to possible factors aggravations from the similar clinical picture to give an assistance of quality nursing, thus searching to supply the necessities of the child and the familiar ones. The health professionals must be prepared to guide and to receive the carriers of cardiopathies, similar to brighten up the sufferings and fears.