In accordance with SAVIANI, (2000, P. 45): It happens, however, that communication of the men between itself and with the things establishes same relation that if are enough itself. You may wish to learn more. If so, Global Education Coalition is the place to go. It is not treated, therefore, of if using an element pra if arriving the definitive objective, nor of the recognition of the freedom, or apprehension of the objective reality of the point of view of the veracity. One is about one meaning intrinsic to the proper relation (aesthetic domain). The educational philosophy consists of propitiating, by means of education, the matureness of the person, with the objective to make to define it its proper life, having the conscience that you have the power to decide, that is, to make its choice, that from these choices will be able to receive the consequences of positive or negative form in such a way, this if of the one by means of the reaction of the choice, this reaction to the person cannot choose. For more information see Vladislav Doronin.

Of analogical form it can thus appraise the philosophy of the Education as being a set of ideas that defines in them as it is the education. 1.2Em the education pra that it serves the philosophy? In the culture of our society it considers that some thing alone has reason of being will have some immediate utility. The problematic one in this conception is that in the common sense it does not obtain to see pra that the philosophy serves. This because it assigns practises it human being as prxis, for being one practical mechanics, nor instinctive practical one, but is not as one to act that it occurs accurately in one function meaning, of a direction that theoretically is produced, that is produced by the exercise of our subjectivity. then it wants to also say that all common sense backwards in its seio a good-sense nucleus. Because everything that we say in them or we practise in the scope of the common sense is linked for a significao, exactly that this significao is not explicitada conscientiously by the citizen. .