Account with a public net of health in which we have: two public hospitals of health, a conveniado particular hospital to the SUS, a municipal maternity, a center of reference, some ranks of health, an excellent amount of PSFs spread by some quarters of the city. We had as scene of collection of data the College San Francisco de Barreiras, located in BR 135. Counting on 10 courses, and accomplishment of after-graduation courses. Account also with approximately 240 employees. Inaugurated in the year of 1999, it possesss development I continue, being today the college that integrates the biggest number of courses and pupils in the bahian west. 4,3 Participant citizens the participant citizens of the research had been the academics of the agronomy courses and pedagogia, that totalized thirty and eight questionnaires, having as criterion of inclusion of this research to be pupils of the last semester of the courses above cited. The criterion for the fact of these professionals is justified already to be in period of training field, having direct contact with the members of the susceptible population to the contact with the transmitting agent it virus of the affection.

4,4 Procedure of Collection As form of collection of data was developed the following technique: application of closed questionnaire (appendix), I contend 10 questions, I deliver for the group at the hands of the participant citizens. The permission of the coordinators was requested so that the application of the questionnaire was carried through in classroom in the current schedule of lesson, having been the same one anticipated by means of authorization of the involved citizens in the research, as rules established in the ethical consideraes. 4,5 Consideraes Ethical In accordance with Modern Michaelis Dictionary of the Portuguese Language ' ' Consideraes ethical is part of the philosophy that studies the moral values and the ideal principles of the behavior human being.