Also are adopting and implementing proposals for a sustainable and sustainable life based on the study of the Kosmos which includes the human being as the basis for development. Robert Muller, declares that the primary task of the education is Guide and teach all members of the human family about their miraculous bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Similar self-excite must take place within a peaceful society guided by a deep belief in our luminous journey in an incredible planet in an unfathomable universe. It is precisely in this effort in which we find ourselves, find a new educational system for Mexico and the world, carry out concrete actions for a world of lasting peace, holistic education is the best tool for this noble purpose. Communities of learning in his book Una Vision Integral of the education Ramon Gallegos tells us that learning communities refers to a holistic education where all participants both teachers as students, parents, administrators and employers participate in a process of mutual education, the goal of all regardless of his role, is to learn.

The concept of learning communities is used by the educators holistas to identify schools or comprehensive educational environments, they have two core principles: 1.-moves from the idea that the school is to teach children to the vision that all members of the Organization must learn. 2. Provide support and conditions oriented to facilitate the spiritual experience. An education based on this concept says NO! the dominant vision of the modern era with its values of standardization, materialism, efficiency, profit and power, instead is still a road where various human dimensions, on moral, cultural and ecological contexts as well as the diverse ways of learning are recognized comprising the experience as a guide to the evolution of consciousness 8. The College or school that pays attention to the cultivation of their souls, become shrines both for students and for teachers 9.