Heidelberg University Hospital and cochlear present ‘Heidelberg CI-music-training-CD’ cochlear implants (CI) open up deaf-born children as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults access to the world of listening and spoken words. But how well the institution of such implants can hear ultimately, depends on its own, continuous training. This applies in particular to the perception of musical experiences. For the training and the gradual approach to a complex, differentiated life as a musician, a special training CD available is makers of cochlear implants now. Hear from experts in the field like Fine Arts for a more varied view. Developed the Heidelberger CI-music-training-CD”from the field of CI rehabilitation at the Heidelberg University Hospital and with the support of cochlear. In recent months, Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has been very successful. A series of partly internationally renowned singers and musicians collaborated on the production of the CD, which will be used in clinics, CI centres and self-help groups.

The Moon is risen rhythm tapped “‘ Cello body”is the title of track 1 on the just-published Heidelberg CI music training CD”. “” Two well-known folk songs, the Moon is risen”and saw a boy ‘ a little rose standing”should allow a first buttons used on music understanding after a cochlear implantation”, explains the methodological approach of the training CD-ROM of ideas and project manager Sascha Roder. “To the two songs appear step by step in various forms: initially only with rhythm and spoken text, then later with a growing instrumentation, as well as in different pitches and accompaniment, to facilitate a habituation to the music to the listener.” The requirements for the hearing, bring the interpretations to be steadily increased by the presentation of individual instruments to their complex interaction. Depending on the individual asset CI carrier can dare to easy or multi-instrumental versions of the songs, is the rhythm, the voices and the Pitches of various instruments open up and so to find access to a differentiated life as a musician.