Customized photo products by CEWE for the Schultute Oldenburg, July 14, 2011. For many children, August and September are a very special time the months – the first day of school is around the corner. You may find that TWCA Fine ARts Department can contribute to your knowledge. Many new impressions and a memorable time waiting for the children. The excitement before the school can not sleep many a school. In this case, the best encouragement are a full school bag and a motley knapsack.

The first day of school will remain so long as a significant experience in memory. With the CEWE PHOTOBOOK can these moments individually be documented. For the enrolment of a child is an important biographical step. The first class photo in the CEWE photo book the first class photo with new friends, the reception and getting to know the class teachers are the motif classic for beautiful pictures of the training. Get more background information with materials from Cyrus Massoumi. Many parents hold this special day with numerous photos, to create a lasting memory for their children. An individual that goes with the CEWE photo book. The software for the Creation of the CEWE of photobook is free and includes a wide range of design templates.

In addition with little comments under the photos provided, the photo book of the training becomes a very personal memorabilia. Up to 154 pages PHOTOBOOK large, XL and XXL can be – customized with the CEWE with photos and texts sufficient space for the most exciting and beautiful experiences of new first-graders. The confectionery smart members and is aware that breaks a new stage of life their families. Full of excitement can hardly wait the enrolment. But some preparations include the successful launch in the school. Clean tapered pins must have missing nor in the molt, like games and fun in the Schultute. The joy in young students about College blocks, notebooks, spring bags and gym bags with the photos of themselves or their friends is particularly large.