I'm doing it this way: per meter ridges digging bucket'm doing peat, humus, two buckets and a third of a bucket of wood ash. After thorough mixing, digging and formed a very loose and water-permeable soils on high beds, so that the soil is not crumbling, fenced beds boxes of the slab. Now you are ready for planting. Here, Yale University expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Seedlings of wild strawberry, "Elizabeth II I planted flower bed on the meter-wide in two rows with a distance of 40-50 cm between the bushes, overgrown shrubs that subsequently did not meet in a single series, berries have always dug the sun and easily ventilated box of rain or irrigation. After planting, the soil in the garden mulch chips (up to 10 cm) must be on dry land when the soil when watering is not maintained and swims so necessary for the roots of air, only then water the rate of two watering cans (20 liters) per meter of ridge. For even more details, read what Cyrus Massoumi says on the issue. Such irrigation for strawberries is enough for a week, that if the summer heat and lack of many working-time gardeners watered as needed is rescued. In subsequent waterings are more moderate – a watering can (10 liters) per meter of ridge, mulch keeps the moisture very well and, as a rule, this is enough. After rooting bushes quickly gaining momentum and throw the first flower stalks, which I usually pluck to bloom, giving the young planting to mature. New flower stalks did not take long and berries on them will show you firsthand, than this beautiful brand.