This also leads to practical problems, because the language groups are not homogeneously distributed over the territory. Italian parents in almost purely German-speaking rural areas need of their children German language group assign, to meet at the residence of compulsory education. For a growing number of bilingual inhabitants, the enrolment of children in the language school would be unproblematic, but it costs internal overcome, to register their children as members of another language group. The Italian population (currently 26.5%) accepted as far as the proportional representation system as it provides better employment opportunities. Because it reserved the public employment relations pro rata (Italian for inhabitants of the Provincia di Bolzano Name for South Tyrol) and includes candidates from other regions of Italy where the public sector can provide usually less employment. That is, going close to 30% of the public authorities alone to Italian language group related from South Tyrol, to the exclusion of candidates from other regions of Italy.

In the presence of the last twenty years by proportional and language groups regime meet newer social Realities that no longer fit into patterns of thinking of the 20th century: more and more adolescents are bilingual (German Italian), have no internal relation to a two or three generations distant past to politicized traditional care and the demarcation of language groups. Forms of language mixing in adolescents occur, thus a so to speak the ancient”emerge incomprehensible slang. In the politics of South Tyrol the Greens demand (I Verdi) for over twenty years, the proportional representation system through demonstrative bilingualism out. Green Alexander Langer ran in 1995 as Staatsrat in Bolzano, was language group affiliation declaration declared ineligible but due to lack. The Greens received enough votes, they not depend the separate quorums of language groups for representation in the State Parliament. Critics today reject the proportional representation and language groups regime because it will block the way of in South Tyrol to a region United in diversity culturally in the approach.xxiv the citizens of South Tyrol being forced into arbitrarily in an ethnic or even ethno national framework. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi married. In contrast to other regions in Europe, which experienced migration and population exchange, obstacles the future generations in South Tyrol in current legislation, to provide new ways of living together. A stable bilingual, registered without aggressive separatism, also bi to some extent