Official registers, tell that it enters centuries XV and XIX the populations had been devastadas by the loss of its lands and animals, by illnesses and, in many cases for the different war exerted by the Europeans. The first group of American natives found by Cristvo Columbus, esteem in 250 a thousand aruaques of Haiti, violently had been enslaved and only 500 had survived in year 1550; the group was extinct before 1650. Approach data enter that the intervention of the Spanish conquerors resulted in the territories of Mexico, of a population of 12 million in 1519, for less than 1,3 million in the half of 1600. Learn more about this with Richard Linklater. The population center and South American, between the centuries XVI and XVII, were reduced of, approximately, 70 million for 7 million people. With the purpose to intimidate the local populations they committed true atrocities, burning them livings creature in the presence of familiar, hung them in enormous gallowses where the feet badly touched the soil (to prevent the sufocamento) groups of thirteen aboriginals, placing under firewood and live coals, burning them livings creature, massacreed men and women, aged and children, pulled out hands, nose, language and members that were played to the dogs, hung the women and, in its ankles, hung, for the throat, its children.

The English kept calm relations of the Colonies with next tribes. They infiltrated presumptions military and cultural attachs in the communities with the purpose to get man power and to keep possible advantageous commercial agreements for the British crown. Indirectly, they had promoted and they stimulated several masssacres, as the Abenakis, where a group of almost 200 indians and colonial soldiers under the orders of the British military command, attacked in pairs, surrounding all the houses and surprising the inhabitants during sleep, had not saved women or children. In little more than one hour, the small city if found in flames.