Already the disciple is that one that, not only acquired knowledge and instruction, but also it follows the steps of its leader or master. Applying the acquired knowledge in order to act in similar way its leader. Those miners beyond having been guided for a leader prepared who them in bonanza way, acted, also in order enabling them so that at the moment due they could assume the position of you lead. I can cite a reason to justify the fact of that those men, at that moment, did not need to be led. He thinks about the reasons that the presence of leader between them would ask for. We can to say that, most of the time a leader is necessary to show the way, to keep the team with the focus in the objective, to guide, to manage possible conflicts, to motivate, to correct, to teach, to punish, when necessary etc. Now analyzes with me: They needed somebody that showed the way to them? They needed somebody that kept the team with the focus in the objective? They needed somebody guided that them? Somebody capable thing to manage them as mediating of conflicts? By what she was presented in them, them they needed to be motivated? They needed to be corrected, to be taught or to be punished? I believe that not! She did not have the necessity of a leader. Even though to elaborate the order of that they would leave first she did not result in problems, attrition or confusion.

They knew what they had that to make and they had made. Asked on which the lesson that Mr. Ariel had taken off of this episode, it she answered: ' ' As the saying goes, that the union makes the force. We have that to rescue this. We demons to Chile and the world an example of as to obtain a joined objective being been.