Modern Aluminum Doors

Aluminum – a metal that now occupies a leading position in the market of construction building materials. Most of the metal produced is used for these purposes. Aluminum occupies a special place in the industry manufacture of doors for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Connect with other leaders such as The Journal of Educational Research here. Today the doors of aluminum and aluminum alloys are installed in buildings of any type and destination. This is due to a number of its features that make it indispensable in the manufacture of doors. Among them are: * Environmental safety and biological inertness of aluminum on the human body; * plastic material, which can handle the pressure welding, cold stamping, etc. * The beautiful appearance and the possibility of surface finish painting, spraying, coating of other metals; * Aesthetics of the material, which is like the designer and decorator; * Durability material and its good performance.

Aluminum doors with glazing (interior) or deaf (fire), depending on the nature of the profile from which they are made, are cold and warm. A type of opening: 1. Sliding doors, capable of directing a special retreat to the center of the entrance portal or in opposite directions from the center. This type of door can be operated from the manual and or automatic drive. Automatic doors installed in places especially the large flow of people: in shopping malls, exhibition halls and entrances to the business centers. 2. Hinged doors open in one direction: 'away' or 'on themselves'. For greater convenience, these doors are installed door closers, which is pressed against the door flap to the opening and creates an additional sealing doors.

This type of door is most often used in office premises. 3. The entrances to the subway Sanzio, in buildings of railway stations and places where the direction of the flow of people is constantly changing, set the swing doors. Closer to those doors is on the axis door. The door leaf is opened in either direction, depending on where a person moves

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Finnish Doors

In every Soviet flat, in every Soviet institution, whether a social security, health center or school, were white door. Others will simply not there. But opened the Iron Curtain, have adjusted the foreign economic relations with other countries and here in our country flooded the flow of various doors of any color. The FASEB Journal: the source for more info. Of course, the order of boring white color was cut off by our countrymen, and, forgetting the interior, made with colorful flats doors. But an unrelenting, all returned to normal. In the Finnish fashion white doors, the sale of which is carried everywhere, in real stores and online.

Why Finnish? Because only the Finns have managed to keep brand and carry the white door in a decade. Most popular – it’s the white door Alavus (a company for the production of door), before the doors were available only for “high-class”, now buy the white doors of the Finnish anyone can wishes. Are now sold all Finnish doors for all tastes, expensive and cheap, white and gray, with glass inserts and without, with baguettes and ascetic, with a decorative pattern and without a word, choose, do not keep the queue. Price to Interior doors alavus starts from 1000-1500 rubles, and this price is available to any Russian family, even with a minimum level of income. Classic white color is suitable for any design of any interior. Therefore, do not glue wallpaper or linoleum to change, if you bought a white door. White color visually increases the volume (remember ), that is, white walls, white doors, white ceiling and the room will seem vast compared to just the same, but painted black. Finnish laminated doors, both input and interior, quite unpretentious.

They do not require any special care – just once a week, wipe with a damp cloth, and every six months to rub polish. Smooth, shiny, made by Alavus, the door will delight you with its clarity and brilliance, which will remain permanently in your memory. There are, however, one moment. These doors are hard to tolerate scratches inflicted on them some hostess who tried to launder the door soda or other abrasive. If a scratch on the door still appeared and the thought of it does not give a good sleep, then wipe the door wax polish. The wax fills the groove scratched, and shine it evened out. And the door again will shine like new.

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