Alma Mater

Universities need to rethink their agendas, since the prospects of expanding its mission, to already not only to train the human capital with the technical skills needed to be incorporated into the working world but to also produce, disseminate and transfer knowledge with value added through research. For this purpose should determine which is the focused vision of higher education in each region, taking into account that: Vision: is the anticipation of the future business. Short-sightedness of the market: determine the need. The society does not buy doctors, engineers, engineers, anthropologists, communicators, but purchase the need, the welfare of each of these professions. Determining the vision and myopia of the market may provide for the future of the business according to the following types of company: 1.-meet needs2.-create necesidades3.-create and meet needs very interesting when add us, that the successful universities, to compete with the future, must migrate paradigm based on four fundamental pillars: people, the revolution that resulted in the entry of the ICTthe relationship with the environment and, finally, the need for leadership as a key factor in the ability to change. The unique ability to change universities are those that have leaders willing to do so. Prospects may include the following: A.- The future, changing paradigmB.-go on post of vision C.-imagine the future is only possible, means knowing my reality to generate competitive advantages that allow me to reach first the others these competitive advantages, can be given by the following indicators: 1. be unique from the point of view competitiva2-value received by the questions3.-expandable to as many business ultimatelyI expected the Chancellor Jessy Divo and his team take step to a new management with the authenticity of a new managerial style educational, free of the groups that gave their support to get to his Office and conducive to the renewal of an Alma Mater, which has at present an opportunity to do so, you need a new educational management style, new procedures that involve to give changes that enable to take the University of its anchor where it remains for years. Failure to so will be very negative for the survival of this University need new styles of learning, participation. Hopefully they know take advantage of opportunities and not our time that we gave to the University in our teaching work has been lost.. environment-empresarial.

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