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According to this study in a University in the United States, researchers have given the key. According to express the women who regularly consume folic acid have many more chances of getting pregnant. Indeed, the study that took place with the help of 18,000 women demonstrated that multivitamins (especially folic acid) helps to improve fertility.According to account the report, those women who took or ingested acid folic regularly, had 40% less risk of problems with respect to the production of ova (which if you still do not know, this is the second biggest cause of female infertility). In the study, U.S. researchers.UU. analizaronel evolutionary process of these women hoping to become pregnant for a period of eight years.

They found 13%, the difficulties experienced, cada5 habiam ovulation problems 1.The study analyzed the diets of women, if they took Multivitamin and for how long. You may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi to increase your knowledge. The conclusion It was obvious: women who ingested a multivitamin that includes folic acid, during 6 days a week or more, had a 40% lower risk of failure ovulatory, in contrast with those who did not take a pill. On the other hand, women who took a pill for 3 to 5 days a week had a 30% risk of cutting, while those who took pildorasde 2 days or fewer days, had no better changes than those not taking supplements. We can therefore say that the analysis showed that folic acid is one of the most important reasons for the reduction of the risk, in particular the congenital, although some other vitamins are also. Conclusion: That women who want to become pregnant is important that in addition to their routine of diets, food, and other ways you might use to increase their fertility, is important to consume folic acid, either in pill or course of food them that they provide them.

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