Ian Kobeleva

And then with the beginning flirt girl dressed as an angel. At first, he turned away and not come in contact, but eventually relaxed and smiling. Add to your understanding with NYU Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health. Naturally, they attracted the attention of the entire hall. At this point, the actress gave him an envelope with a romantic postcard. The man read the message and the bullet flew out of the restaurant. Favorite waiting for him at home And one of the biggest draws is associated with the company Volvo – it cost 30 thousand euros. Until now, when the “PDP” arrange for the Swedish firm corporate events, there remembered as a regional director of the stolen car. ” However, this violent behavior, of course, does not stop there. First of all, “ordered” the director had to steal from Sweden to Russia, where he afraid to go. Yes, and a birthday! Come up with a reason: a deal with the city administration – the purchase of grounds in Shushary the construction of production – is in jeopardy. Director of “gently” has already met at the customs, pulling out of the green corridor and rigidly searched. And then, at a gas station, where “had” to drop, and at all thrown out of the car – along with the driver. To the place of negotiation, he was taken “passing by” machine dps.

At this misfortune Director did not end there: he was greeted by an absolutely drunk, “Lieutenant Governor”, trying to fall face a salad and not want to hear about any plots. In addition, during the “negotiations” periodically opened the door and into the office looked regional representatives, who at that time had to be located in various parts of the world And when it has serious concerns for the mental health of the victim’s, the staff all together went to the office and congratulated the Chief on his birthday having presented phial of valerian. And at the evening banquet, the director found among artists familiar face: “Oh! It did you stole my car! “. The organization draws: not dissatisfied byvaetPoskolku before choosing a script for a careful examination of human personality, which is to be the protagonist of the dissatisfied drawings usually does not happen. “We always explain, whether a person is ready to such extreme way – says Ian Kobeleva. – For example, recently called the young man and asked if we could reproduce the infomercial as seen on the Internet: the box comes out naked black man and gives a birthday jar of Vaseline. Like, they want to arrange the same for my birthday a friend. Of course, such a rally to organize a snap. But Would, congratulations? Or friends want him to pin up? If there is no certainty that a man will not mind, it is better not to do this. The guys decided to think “.

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Finance Projects

State subsidies and subventions can be regarded as an effective source of funding for entrepreneurial projects. Program to support small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow offer ample opportunities for development of existing businesses, opening new directions of development by attracting public funding, provided an equity investment for projects. Since the selection of projects on a competitive basis, the manager of the enterprise should conduct a preliminary analysis of the compliance requirements of companies and choose the best program for obtaining grants, under which can be implemented a project involving the budget. What steps should take when choosing a program for the competition to select projects to receive state support: define the scope of the project; make sure that the company Applicants for funding, check internal resources to further implement the terms of the agreement for a grant, set the size of project financing their own means, to determine the amount requested budget to make cost estimates and feasibility study for the project; prepare a package of documents accordance with the requirements, apply to the support structure of small and medium-sized enterprises of Moscow with a package of documents; After reviewing the package of documents the applicant receives the opinion of pass / fail project selection criteria, and in case of compliance, the project is considered the organizer of selection and the Finance Commission. With the positive result of the draft, with the candidate contract is for a grant. After signing the agreement and funding, the applicant must meet the conditions of the contract which include: spending its own funds and budget the project, the creation of new permanent jobs, the conditions for tax services in the budget, reporting, etc. Please note that the feasibility study is a form of business plan and prepared an economist in accordance with the requirements for participation in the selection of projects.

A preparation of a complete set of documents requires the involvement of a lawyer, an accountant, a specialist on staff. Thus, having staff members at these positions the company to easily prepare the necessary documents. In case of lack of staff in the state, you can refer to consultants who will conduct this work, without diverting staff of the enterprise. In this case, reduces the risk of errors and deviations of the project, it does not meet the requirements, as external experts who often work with such documentation, have some experience, are familiar with the requirements and comply with them. At the same time, the company's head guiding force for business development, passing the preparatory process for outsourcing. Thus, the attraction Funding by a grant from the state budget for non-repayable grant and based on reasonable and is an effective way to develop both small and medium enterprises.

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