‘Dolphin shows leave the cash registers ring in German zoos’ how Hagen/taiji/Japan – on 1 September of each year in the Japanese coastal regions opened the Dolphin hunt in taiji in tradition and in the following March with a quota of 20,000 killed sea mammals. But not a single Dolphin was caught up today. The reason: Dolphin protector Ric O’barry is in the country and while uncertainty and anxiety among the Dolphin fishermen before another public. Since the release of the documentary film the Bay THE COVE in the United States on July 31, the Western world on the dark secret of Japanese Dolphin hunters looks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Fine Arts. Of the dead animals they are sold strongest and most beautiful worldwide for unit prices of up to $ 150,000 in Dolphinariums. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Aligarh Muslim University. The rest ends up for around $ 600 per dolphin in the Japanese pots.

THE Bay – THE COVE\”, a feature film of the special kind with theatrical release on October 22 in Germany, provides now worldwide outrage. Ric O’barry, the former Dolphin trainer \”the TV series flipper\”, a documentation of horror presents filmmaker of Louie Psihoyos. \”Chased by Japanese fishermen and local police and repeatedly expelled they realised that a suspicious Oscar eco-thriller with ocean eleven\” is compared and was awarded with more than ten film awards in the United States. The audience shocked, touched and angry. Approved for children until 12 years.

With special effects and a professional equipment with underwater cameras, unmanned flying drones and a camera-Zeppelin, infrared devices and hidden cameras in stone dummies and trees from the production of the George Lucas, Star Wars team managed a rousing documentary about the brutal and bloody Japanese Dolphin fishing in the small quaint town of taiji. The world’s largest slaughter of dolphins hunted takes place behind large opaque plastic sheeting to protect against unwanted insights. There are noisily cornered, Spears and knives of the Dolphin killer no Escape for the marine mammals.

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