The Situation

These situations usually call problems are but views from our limited situations, we do not see the perfect opportunity for learning that these bring. Perhaps check out American Dental Association for more information. So at the moment and ask yourself before you read WHAT I NEED TO LEARN FROM THIS SITUATION?? And: Why my ?… ?… because I've done to deserve this ?… I'll be paying? …

That karma mine … And after answering, breathes and continues reading, with an open mind willing heart. Face any difficult situation that presents only one thing you should do Let her go, let it in the hands of the universe, only life, Father knows what you need to give up wanting to be in control of the situation, remember that life is exactly as it should be, not as you want it to be. Need what life gives you, but not always what they need is exactly what you want, take care to give your best and trust the results and what life has meaning for you, always perfect and the corresponding according to your experience but for now you do not understand. THINGS AND PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT fight for them, but because you belong.

No matter if the situation is big or small stop thinking about the difficulty. Well, although there is really no big or small problems, or situations ugly or good, because everything that happens has a neutral feature and our minds according to their limitations or traumas plays his arrangement. There is nothing good or bad, and problems are only seen from our limited situations.

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