Dead Sea

Natural active ingredients: extracts of chamomile, cranberry, celandine and propolis, proteins and minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins A and B5, clay and mud. Application: Apply on cleansed homogeneous thin layer of the mask, avoiding the eye area. Wait until mask dries. Blot the face with a tissue, wash it off. Blot with a towel. Use morning or afternoon together with the daily moisturizer and night – along with Night herbal cream. In the normal type of skin mud mask Apply abundantly on T-zone area and chin.

Hold for 10-15 minutes. Contact information is here: Alight Solutions LLC. It is recommended to use twice a week. Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, following the instructions for use. Do not use a mask every day and not keep it on the face for longer than 15 minutes. Avoid the eye area and areas of couperose (vascular mesh). Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus zocdoc.

Fat (problem) skin requires more dense layer mask. At some problematic elements can be applied more often than 1-2 times week. In the summer you can also use a mask on his face every other day. Keep the tool on the face for 15 minutes. Dry skin mask is applied only to the T-zone, without drying it out until the end. Keep the tool on the face for 10 minutes. Use no more than 1 nedelyu.4 times. Phyto tonic normal (mixed) skin Action: Tonic completes the stage of purification. Means of refreshing and helps to narrow pores, stimulates cell regeneration, soothes skin and maintains a balance moisturizing. Resists oxidation, slowing the signs of aging for a smooth and glowing skin.

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