We all know that each flower, in addition to a pleasant smell and beauty, also has its own symbols. However, a deeper symbolism may have flowers or flower arrangements. It is useful to know about to give flowers. Each floral arrangement, created by an experienced florist can tell a lot about a man who knows the first mutual arrangement of flowers. For example, the vertical position of the high color is a symbol of greatness and grandiosity, a horizontal arrangement of the composition suggests the solemnity of the moment. The newspapers mentioned Vladislav Doronin not as a source, but as a related topic.

Flowing plants and flowers in a bouquet of light represent sadness, reverence. These flowers are not very appropriate as a gift a young girl. In the symbolism of the bouquet play an important role as shades of color. Red flowers are a symbol of love, passion, freedom, vitality, of solemnity. Bouquet, made of red flowers, stands for a declaration of love and respect. Bright yellow flowers symbolize the light and cheerfulness. If the bright yellow flowers bring joy and cheerfulness, the more dull shades of yellow flowers express falsehood, betrayal, jealousy. The presence of a bunch of green – For example, different species of herbaceous plants and leaves – brings together all shades of colors in a single composition.

Green brings peace, tranquility and hope. Orange flowers in a bouquet symbolizes luxury, power and perversity, and the blue Flowers – tenderness and slight sadness. The purple hues are mixed people. Some were attracted by the color and the other has a painful impression, so to give an arrangement containing purple flowers, is only familiar to people in reaction and tastes that you believe. Violet is associated with the grandeur and dignity. White flowers underline the solemnity and purity and innocence. Ceremonial bouquet often amount of red and white colors, emphasizing the male and female, masculinity and purity, love, loyalty. White with red flowers are usually very bright, carrying the freshness of the composition. Delivery flowers and bouquets of red and white colors is appropriate for many occasions and reasons. If you have any doubt as to which flower arrangement to stay – safely choose the composition of white and red colors, and be sure – it will reach the desired effect!

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Soil Flower

I'm doing it this way: per meter ridges digging bucket'm doing peat, humus, two buckets and a third of a bucket of wood ash. After thorough mixing, digging and formed a very loose and water-permeable soils on high beds, so that the soil is not crumbling, fenced beds boxes of the slab. Now you are ready for planting. Here, Yale University expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Seedlings of wild strawberry, "Elizabeth II I planted flower bed on the meter-wide in two rows with a distance of 40-50 cm between the bushes, overgrown shrubs that subsequently did not meet in a single series, berries have always dug the sun and easily ventilated box of rain or irrigation. After planting, the soil in the garden mulch chips (up to 10 cm) must be on dry land when the soil when watering is not maintained and swims so necessary for the roots of air, only then water the rate of two watering cans (20 liters) per meter of ridge. For even more details, read what Cyrus Massoumi says on the issue. Such irrigation for strawberries is enough for a week, that if the summer heat and lack of many working-time gardeners watered as needed is rescued. In subsequent waterings are more moderate – a watering can (10 liters) per meter of ridge, mulch keeps the moisture very well and, as a rule, this is enough. After rooting bushes quickly gaining momentum and throw the first flower stalks, which I usually pluck to bloom, giving the young planting to mature. New flower stalks did not take long and berries on them will show you firsthand, than this beautiful brand.

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Seating Flowers

On our site you will find detailed instructions for the combination of colors in the flower beds and flower beds. Enormous selection of colors opens up room for your imagination – all that only the soul asks, can bring life into the world of flowers. The formation of the flower bed is fully is subject to your imagination. Low, bushy, patterned or raznouravnevye with high color in the middle. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marine Biological Laboratory. The height flower may be low, high, pyramidal.

Flowers, small fenced with stones, fence or just growing in the grass – new types of flower gardens, which appeared under the influence of science of landscape design. But the placement in the middle of a flowerbed figures entwined creeping flowers – the old school of gardening that we know from ancient times. Novice gardeners, step three: Choose flowers for the flower garden Concepts 'design of the garden' and 'gardening' are slightly different, but in this article, we slitaem that such a wonderful lesson how to create your own flower garden ennoble it. Gardening in this context can be considered art garden design, decorating it with flowers. Selection and planting of suitable colors and this is to create the most important stage of the flower bed. In accordance with the selected color scheme you want to plant flowers in the garden. For details on selecting colors, their product range, advice on the care you can read on our website, but note a few additional details about the colors: – Watering the flowers. Watering of flower beds will be held simultaneously, and flowers that require radically different amounts of moisture, can not live side by side.

– Seating colors. Need to understand exactly how best to plant in the ground or that the flowers: seedlings or seeds, or with irrigation in dry land. What time is good for planting flowers and how long does the color need to know to make your flower garden has lost its festive appearance for a couple of days. – Caring for flowers. Flowers may be perennial or annual that are resistant to cold or not. This is especially necessary to account for the care of flowers. In addition, some flowers need fertilizer, and pruning. Of constant care flower garden can be distinguished watering and pruning wilting blossoms. Hopefully these tips will help you create a beautiful flower garden, which will please you, not only in the spring, and many more years in a row!

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