Values with which of walking by a footpath that you recognized like yours. But it leaves in another point, we contemplate to this term more widely Once recognized your footpath, you would need the necessary approach, not to lose of view which you have chosen like really important for you, in your life. Now everything begins to acquire another sense. You take the control from your life. You choose the life frequently that you wish. Now you have a direction towards where moverte, a way that never nothing or nobody will be able to erase because you have decided therefore it.

The people are very few whom they have written up his intention of life. More exactly esteem than less than a five percent of the population considers the direction towards which to move. And all those that do not know such intention clearly see submerged in a constant division. They live doing what they do not want, want to do what they do not dare. And little by little the life is diluted To allow to them me to share an education that a person to whom master, respect and I admire deeply, did to me made arrive with the purpose of to explain and to support the different exercises to obtain the life intention: In the adolescence, my teacher said to me: There are three categories of people. The first category is composed by those whose thoughts, words and actions are the same. This is category A. The people in this category say what they think, and act according to which say.

The second category is composed by those whose thoughts and words are different, but always act according to which say. This is category B. These people think a thing different from which they say, but to less, they act in harmony with its words the third category is composed by those whose thoughts, words and actions are different to each other. Such people think a thing, say another one and act of a form completely different from two first. This is category C. Beam all the efforts by transformarte in a person of the first category! Recuerda that not to know what you want, always goes to impedirte, to take the first step to obtain what you want. You can vary the course, does not matter which has been your past, does not matter which the result. Now you have the alternative. It looks for a guide, it finds your intention of life and it begins to give a total and wonderful sense to your days. ** Some of these articles are part of our programs of self-help, bulletins or other diverse tools of communication.

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