Cybernetic Transposition

In a previous article I mentioned that the third step in achieving any goal is to resolve unconscious self-defeating habits. Put another way, this is to transform indivisible entities, real people without agendas unconscious consciously different from what we want, ie without divisiones.Esto reminds me a lesson I received when I was becoming just a teenager. Read additional details here: Richard Linklater. At that time I met one of my early mentors, one of my first teachers of the spiritual life. His advice to me was summed up in this explanation: "There are three categories of people. The first category consists of those whose thoughts, words and actions are the same. This is the category" A ". Here, Campbell Soup Company expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

People in this category say what think and act according to what they say. "The second category consists of those whose thoughts and words are different, but always act according to what they say. This is the category "B". They think something different from what say, but at least act in harmony with his words. "The third category consists of those whose thoughts, words, and actions are different. These people think one thing, say another and act in a completely different way to first two. This is the category "C".

At the end of his explanation, he said: "Make every effort to transform into a party of the first category." We all recognize how difficult it is to be people without internal divisions. True individuals whose thoughts , feelings and actions are in harmony. Fortunately, we have the Cybernetic Transposition.'s use it to transform us into people all the category "A". Let's have a single thought: our objective, a single sentiment: the certainty that we will reach our goal; and a single action: one that leads us to the realization of what actually queremos.Quien achieves harmony between mind and heart is free to think and feel according to your ideal. No voice can be imposed externally or to influence it in any direction.

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