Identify Industry Value

Let us take the silicon calcium apatite for example, this amount of this type ore is less, which is characterized gangue minerals consisting of silicate and carbonate minerals, phosphorus-containing minerals are fine-fine-grained apatite coarse phosphorus Greystone. Due to the presence of carbonate minerals than siliceous apatite ore, it is more difficult to choose. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ron Daniels johns Hopkins University . Apatite and carbonate minerals belong to the same type of cationic, which is available with the anionic collector to make it float the two similar Flotability. Apatite and carbonate minerals separation is more difficult. Ore flotation of this type is generally used effective inhibitors of the carbonation, or increasing the amount of sodium carbonate in order to obtain a better indicator. Take the Henan Hongxing Machinery phosphate rock as example: this mine company is a large-scale mining joint ventures. Commission phosphorus plant production capacity is large, high degree of mechanization, and the production of history is long, having some production experience. Mining crusher refers to the crushing machinery whose content is more than 50% of the total content, the row compound particle size is greater than three millimeters.

It is invented by British Hengan. According to the feeding and nesting size, the crushing operations are often divided into coarse crushing, crushing and crushing medium. The commonly used equipments are impact crusher, compound crusher, single stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, roll crusher machines, double roll crusher, crusher combo, and so on. The crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. Common crushing machines are winnowing mill, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, crusher compound. Jaw crusher (jaw crusher), having large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics.

PF-I series impact crusher can process materials side length is 100 to 500 mm, the compressive strength is up to 350 MPa, great crushing ratio, cubic particles advantages of material was broken; PF-II series impact crusher machine, suitable for crushing hard materials, such as cement crusher, with a production capacity of the material advantages of small particle size. The nature of the ore mine metamorphosed sedimentary phosphate rock deposits in the case of a former marine Sinian. Phosphate rock in phosphorus-containing crystalline schist composed of mica schist, marble, manganese layer, quartz schist. The industrial value of ore types can be divided into fine-coarse-grained phosphate rock, the manganese phosphate rock layer and the mica phosphorus rock three, which fine-coarse-grained rock 80% of the total phosphate reserves. Fine-coarse-grained phosphate rock crystal fine-coarse-grained, mud, composed of the mineral apatite, calcite and dolomite, quartz, muscovite second.

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Chisels Parts

Flange Bolt soedinenie.Raschet soedineniya.Bolt (from the German. Bolt), fastener, usually a rod with a 6-sided or square-head screw for screwing the nuts. In terms of machine parts more general concept fastener is a screw. Loosen the screws, depending on the type of threaded connection is used the following versions: 1) the screws and nuts, commonly called bolts; 2) screws, screw-fastened to one of the parts. Bolts used: a) to bond parts are not very thick, plates, flanges, bars in the presence of space for the location of the bolt head and nut, and b) to bond the parts from materials that do not provide sufficient reliability and durability of the thread, and c) when the need for frequent screwing and unscrewing.

In bolts, screws, studs used metric thread, which is the main thread and has a triangular profile angle at the vertex 600. Get all the facts and insights with Campbell Soup Company, another great source of information. Metric threads are divided into large and small steps. Profiles of geometrically similar. Adopted for the main thread with a big step. The static load carrying capacity of this thread above and less effect on strength protovleniya errors and wear than fine pitch thread. Endurance limit of high-strength steel screws decreases with decreasing pitch, and screws (bolts) of low-carbon steels increases. The technical background literature, standardized and most widely fasteners with the name 'BOLT' regardless of whether they will be fastened with a nut or screwed into the part. The shape of the head bolts (screws) are divided to: a) capture tool outside the head (hexagon or square), b) Chisels inside and from the end of the head (with Allen), and c) prevent the crank (with protrusions, is laid in nests or with two parallel edges, is laid in the grooves).

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Indoor Transformers

Measuring current transformers are supplied with the following transformation kofefitsientami 5 / 5, 10 / 5 15 / 5, 20 / 5, 30 / 5 40 / 5, 50 / 5, 75 / 5, 100 / 5, 150 / 5, 200 / 5, 300 / 5, 400 / 5 600 / 5, 800 / 5 1000 / 5, 1500 / 5 2000 / 5 and 2500 / 5 3000 / 5, 5000 / 5 8000 / 5, 10000 / 5. Ukrainian market current transformers provided the following models: TSHL-0, 66, TNSh-0, 66, TNSHL-0, 66, TOL 10, TOL 35 TSHL 10 TLSH 10 TPL 10 TPL 10M TPOL 10 TPOL 10M ONLY 6 ONLY 10, TV, TLC 10, TDM 10, RIC 10, TVLM 6 TVLM 10 TFZM 35, 110 and other TFZM. Classification of voltage transformers Voltage transformers are distinguished: a) the number of phases – phase and three-phase, and b) the number of windings – double-wound and triple-wound, and c) the class of accuracy, ie, the permitted values of the errors, and d) the method of cooling – oil cooled transformers (oil) with natural Air-cooled (dry type and cast resin) and e) by the nature of the installation – for indoor, outdoor and for complete switching (KRA). Further details can be found at Levi Strauss & Co., an internet resource. For voltages up to 6 kV voltage transformers manufactures dry, ie, with natural air cooling. For voltages above 6 kV voltage transformers used oil. Indoor Transformers are designed to operate at ambient temperature of -40 to + 45 C with relative humidity up to 80%.

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