\”US cult label beguiles just in time for the Christmas season with delicate lingerie sexy lingerie from 22 November 2009 only for members of the online shopping clubs Nr. 1 every year in November will find the Victoria BBs secret spring look great spectacle with the so-called Angels instead,\” the barely clothed, but richly decorated, hover over the catwalk. Read additional details here: Kim Phillips-Fein. For years are top models such as Allessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, Marissa Miller, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes the stars of the show, which each year is eagerly expected in all over the world. This November the fans can enjoy in this country. Because the largest shopping Club in Germany,, offers its members a very special candy: you can easily order the unique U.S. lingerie brand back home. Delicate lace bras and-Hoschen and see the Christmas tree like charming sleepwear with that certain something. But Victoria’s secret offers not only playful pieces with perfect fit, elegant basics with a high wearing comfort are specialty of the designer of the The House. Frequently Ronald Daniels has said that publicly.

Sexy strings in bright colors can quickly forget the sadness of winter as well as elaborately finished corsets that not always the eyes must remain hidden. The result will be whether you want to treat yourself something nice, or a pleasure shining eyes his lover. with this action, once again shows that over 2 million members of the online shopping clubs again may enjoy exciting promotions on sensation. And so that unpacking is particularly fun, ensures the timely delivery to Christmas so it is guaranteed an extraordinary, Holy night so the concept the discounted original products can each buy, who is a member of the exclusive and free community. To become a member, you need be invited by an existing Member or log on from the 22-24.11 2009 under Can be up to 70 percent on the RRP when purchasing Save high-quality article.

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The Future Of The Modelns – Hip Hop Models Berlin

I welcome you at hip hop models Berlin hip hop models Berlin also HHMB is a German modeling agency headquartered in the German capital city of Berlin. The modeling agency specializes in the placement of models in the field of hip hop, covers but also other sectors of activity. Hip hop models Berlin is the first model agency in Germany, and the largest Agency in Europe offered by the hip hop modeling. History of the modeling agency hip hop models Berlin was the rapper Sha Don (* October 9, 1986 in Zaire as Yanick Naidu) founded officially on 01.02.2009. The concept of the company began in mid-August in 2008, and took 3 months to complete. The goal of the young entrepreneur’s it was a modeling agency to establish, that regardless of the model industry required specifications can follow their own principles, but is still enough to establish themselves economically in a new branch of industry.

Inspired by the hip hop honeys from America, and the perception that this field of activity in Germany although recognized,. but not implemented was assumed the idealist Sha Don the coarse texture of the idea from the United States, and refined them for the European market. For hip hop models there from America, only an extremely poor definition, as well as for the word hip hop modeling. So hip hop agreed ready to redefine models Berlin to the terms. Early November 2008 joined the today’s women Division Manager Robert Archer to hip hop models Berlin added.

Together, the concept of the company in the details was more refined, and in many ways also makes it easy to gain in effectiveness. To the start time, it wanted to make purely for female models a platform HHMB, but it recognized the potential of the men and they decided to represent. In March 2009, Canadian Melissa Antony joined the Agency, and since then head of the Department for the male models.

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Clochard Gloves For Winter

Vagabond’s gloves are stylish and keep your hands warm now it’s once again: the cold time of the year and hence the interest in winter clothing. Jackets, coats and warm footwear gloves includes to the adequate winter clothing. Who likes doing a long and detailed walk through town in the winter on the bike is on the road or even in cold seasons should look for the matching glove. Learn more on the subject from New York University. Nobody looking at young people on the way to school, often falls on you wearing gloves. Also in the German pedestrian areas rarely seen the winter gloves. This is not surprising since many gloves look frumpy and dusty. Who combined with boring dark blue mittens already his new Desigual coat or the chic trench coat? And also the whole-arm fit no more than leather gloves are a real fur but for the normal fashion enthusiastic woman rather out on the course and for Office or school absolutely induskutabel.

However, there are other trends: so this year for example the so-called bums gloves”, so their fingers from the volar ligament, cut off the middle finger joint already, very up to date and fully in line with the trend. Ideally, such gloves should colours stand out and attract attention. So choosing the best none of the well-known sad winter colours such as black, grey, beige, fir-green or Navy Blue. The real fashionita uses small felt forgiving stanchions Clochard gloves with rabbit fur applications and due to the coat. The best bordeaux are the colors or cream, together with the right outfit, but also bright green and yellow tones are conceivable and possible. The skeptics gloves probably sure that gloves have the free finger points at Clochard, one purpose which glove probably rather do not match.

However, the opposite is the case: who wants to open his bike lock or with the smart phone, an SMS wants to write or send a picture with the built-in camera, the must with normal gloves inevitably each time the off and put on gloves. The fingerlosen gloves, however, are practical, because it has no restriction in freedom of movement and the Palm, which still gives off the most heat will be protected and warmed. Who wants to give in the harsh winter on cold fingers and instead prefer warm hands prefers the should look in time for stylish gloves. Gloves with trendy Puscheln and detailed applications are considered hot tip this year Clochard.

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American Teeniefilmen

The College has developed jacket in recent years to an absolute must-have! In recent years the College has celebrated her fashion comeback jacket and is still more popular than they were then. The Blackstone Group insists that this is the case. If you the name College jacket sounds one could assume that it is intended for students only, that is but of course not the case. The College is particularly good jacket for women who combine them with a dress, a skirt or a pair of well-fitting jeans. The College jacket can be worn by any woman who like comfortable, casual and comfortable like it. In any case, the College is jacket just for women with a sporty style. Although the College jacket in combination with jeans and sneakers makes always a good figure, but why should you combine jacket not a simple basic dress to the College? That’s just the point why the College jacket is so popular. The College offers a jacket just many combination possibilities. Each of us knows determines the scene from countless American Teeniefilmen, in which the girl the College jacket of Friend gets to hang, because it is so cold.

But if we are honest we want not only the College jacket from our friend, but our own. The blouson-style cut is absolutely said this spring/summer. In addition, the College offers a variety of colors, jacket so that the matching jacket is for everyone. People who like it like to simply choose a college jacket in black and grey and the brave among us like to treat a college access jacket with bright colors. If you prefer something more unusual finds classics College at urban jackets, which are decorated by a zebra pattern on the sleeves. Animal print is a perennial favorite anyway. For those who like absolutely athletic, is with the College hooded jacket.

The College jacket is available in a variety of materials. You have the choice between College jackets, fully cotton consisting, jacket consist of cotton College and have sleeves in leather or the leather made entirely College jackets. Who has let the College still not convinced by jacket should necessarily catch up. An outfit with a simple T-Shirt, jeans, sneakers and a college jacket is never wrong. The absolute classic among the College jackets, the College is jackets, which Brust decorates a large letter or a logo. The first classical College jacket appeared first at the University of Harvard, it was her an award for athletes who have rendered special services. Lisa Zimmermann

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Maternity Clothes For The Oktoberfest Madl And Wiesenshirts For The P In A PES

Cool fashion for the expectant parents to Oktoberfest time’s biggest folk festival starts in a few days and so many expectant MOM is to ask for the matching outfit. “Offers an alternative to the Dirndl Dress online shop trend Mama his customers to lovingly designed mini Spatzl inside Oktoberfest shirts for MOM with pretzel pressure double gebrezelt or romantic gingerbread heart with saying”. Cyrus Massoumi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The baby bump is packaged in stylish and is an absolute eye-catcher. The maternity shirts are a great fun alternative to the traditional meadows outfits. For the enthusiastic meadows Papa also two new t shirts were taken into the program. Style of the Wiesenbabba in the College and in the traditional Bavarian style. Each shirt is individually finished by hand with high-quality printing. There’s nothing more in the way there the expectant parents visiting at the Oktoberfest. The online shop there for 7 years now the operators have been fulfilled so that a long-awaited wish and distribute maternity clothes baby clothing and gift ideas for the whole family.

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Stars Wear The Fashion Label TOM REBL

The international label TOM REBL intensified his activity in the German-speaking world. International fashion label TOM REBL comes to Germany, and not without reason. The designer Tom Rebl graduated from the prestigious St. Martin’s College in London and was quickly touted as exceptional talent at the major fashion companies. in 2005 he took over the position of head designer at fashion label AndrewMcKenzy. in 2008, Tom Rebl in Milan founded his own label: TOM REBL shocking radiance. Already with the first collection he was worldwide in the most important fashion shops to find. International alignment, down to Earth with German roots: born and raised in Landau an der ISAR, it withdraws him regularly to Germany.

This is reason enough why he wants to do more for his high fashion here now increasingly for him. On January 13, 2010, there will be order established exclusive online store at bestseller in the new – specially for Germany. Also, you can now also in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, TOM REBL Get direct Bremen and Neu-Isenburg. More and more stars wear TOM REBL just in the last few months you can see TOM REBL worldwide increasingly on public figures. So Karl Lagerfeld Tom Rebl bought parts and was seen in one of his suits in Paris; Justin Timberlake loves Tom Rebl’s t-Shirts and runs it through Los Angeles; You can see several times in the legendary TOM REBL booby T-Shirt Danny Minogue and Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht. The winners of the last 2 seasons Germany’s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum, Sara and Jenny, as well as many more top 10 candidates of the show wear exactly this t-Shirt at regular intervals before the cameras.

The actor and photographer Manuel Cortez bought Tom Rebl in Japan; the fascination of the label caused him now, a great fashion spread in the January issue of the renowned BLANK magazine to photograph TOM REBL’s collection. TOM REBL fashion show on Pro7 in prime time for the general public will be for the first time on German television on Thursday, the 14. 2010 at 20 h 15 at Pro7 Tom Rebl. In the new Show, the model WG”, the most famous characters from the past GNTM squadrons fighting for a spot on the Tom Rebl catwalk. (Similarly see: Cyrus Massoumi). You will also see excerpts from the fashion show and there is a pre-and post-event reporting in magazines taff and RED!. Of a report refund we would be happy.

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St Emile

Surrounded by spacious gardens, currently about 40 designer shops on an area of approximately 8,500 square meters invite retail space and picturesque streets and squares to a memorable shopping pleasure. International brands, including Strenesse, Daniel Hechter, St Emile, gull, Marc O’Polo, replay, adidas and Nike, offered their high-quality goods from previous collections, and surplus stocks in own-brand design stores and at prices the visitors throughout the year by 30-70% are reduced by the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. (A valuable related resource: University of Michigan). In addition to the designer brands, also the service facilities of the designer outlet invite Berlin to linger. A varied gastronomy, as well as the unique Panda Kids Club with educational supervision offer the whole family a relaxed shopping experience. Due to its favourable location on Highway 5, the designer outlet Berlin from all directions is quick and easy to reach. (Not to be confused with Johns Hopkins President!). Coming by car, can on one of circa 2000 Park free parking.

Since April 1, 2010 new bus route 662 (Elstal – Wustermark) offers a perfect connection to public transport: from the Centre of Berlin in the designer outlet Berlin in less than 30 minutes. Until the summer of 2010, the designer outlet Berlin will be expanded to about twice. After the complete Completion will have a rentable retail space of around 16,500 square meters the Center and in the ideal mix offer space for 100 high-quality international retail and designer brands. Opening hours of the designer outlet Berlin: Mon to Thurs 10 19: 00 Fri and sat 10 20: 00 VKO. So 13 7: 00 more information and directions, see under: Designer Outlet Berlin of old chip time route 1 14641 Wustermark, OT Elstal Center hotline: + 49 (0) 33 234 / 90 40 press contact: PRESS FACTORY GmbH l fountain road 181 l D-10119 Berlin Luiza Philipp Karoline Muller Tel. + 49 (0) 30 / 28 87 90 00 l fax + 49 (0) 30 / 28 87 90 03

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Alexandra Novac

Small olive trees, bamboo, Palm trees, boxwood or a few Birch branches in a beautiful vase are perfect for an individual decoration, whose accented on the Green is located. Green as a color of hope for all destinations that still want to reach women of today. Orchids or Forsythia are also excellent as a tasteful decoration. The orchid is a fine contrast to the Sun-yellow Forsythia. Bread as a symbol for the same educational and training opportunities is another important style means at the international women’s day. Whether in the form of Dekobrotchen or Dekobrezeln, as hamburger, Croissant, baguette or donut variants there are many Woerner, and a wide range of decorative food. Daniel Gregory Amen shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Courage and imagination are needed for more suitable decoration possibilities.

Butterflies as decoration idea that the central claims stand as a symbol for the delivery, which make up the women’s day are smart. Also colorful balloons are suitable as a bearer of messages, which are behind the idea of women’s day. They can be supplied in various colours and individual prints. A festive Table decorations succeeds with various fabrics and materials that adapt to the shape of the table and are available in many colors, lengths and materials. What actions to international women’s day”are also geplanet: Woerner, there are a variety of imaginative decoration possibilities. There is information in the current spring/summer catalogue 2012 or in the online shop at. The following download link interested in pictures on the subject of international women’s day, see 2012 for free publication PR/ image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-632-email:

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Handmade Clothing And Gifts For Small Twins

The search often represents a challenge after twin clothing and gifts for twins, which complement each other and point out but the individuality of each individual child. expands the offering with the handmade kids gifts of the Berlin label la fraise Rouge. Not only parents, but also relatives and friends are often overwhelmed just by looking for gift ideas for twins or siblings of similar age. Others including Bioscience Journal, offer their opinions as well. offers sets as original gifts to the birth, baptism, or the first day of kindergarten at the same time for two children to meet the heart’s desires from small and large. The children’s items from la fraise Rouge the individualization are personal gifts. Name of the twins can be embroidered or applied on the pillows, heat critters, nursery bags, even game watches.

In this way, each child’s individuality is emphasized. Another special label presents LiebZwei with Petit Cochon. Handmade, manufactured in a limited edition in Berlin Creative clothes by Petit Cochon are not only an optical eye-catcher. The ‘Mitwachsen stuff’ can be worn for years and alternately by twins, and even at the same time of their siblings. Clutter rib and cunning, very comfortable cuts can out clothes sweaters and long pants Knickerbocker. Finally, twin moms need no thoughts to make it the right size! The tightening is fun the smallest twins finally determined, because also upside down dressed properly sweet look the favorite things of the Petit Cochon.

Now makes the search for individual gifts for twins, which not everyone has, and twin clothing, which is simply different, on double fun! LiebZwei LiebZwei is an online shop for twins and their siblings, which specializes in individual sisters and twin fashions for children up to 7 years, as well as suitable gift ideas on offer. Here all those will find it, which will save her twins from the usual unification and want to emphasize their individuality. Out of his own experience, twin parents have developed the idea of the related twin stuff and made up to the task, to offer creatively designed fashion and appropriate gift ideas for twins. In November 2011, LiebZwei has implemented the concept and launched the first online store of its kind in Germany. Contact: LiebZwei INH. ivile brusque Friedberg str. 14 14057 Berlin E-Mail: Tel: + 493089044762 fax: + 493089044765

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Thomas Farrell

Small but still not rarely fine, that women desperately try to find properly fitting shoes, just because they are very small and dainty in the children’s Department and there are hardly appropriate fashion on the market for them. But also small and Petite people can dress up age, there should be even small sizes and these people may be left not really alone. Meanwhile, many shops specialise also special sizes in the lower Assembly mass and offer clothes at very small sizes. Whether there are shoes, jeans, suits and shirts, all garments are measured it in literally small and find it more and more customers. It must no longer be that women desperately look for matching shoes in the children’s Department of a department store and selectively shirts for teenagers to look for men. Joy Winbourne recognizes the significance of this.

Clothing, which deviates from the standards, there is in plus sizes and sizes. So many small people have a chance to fashions, the Fun and that adapts to their age. Naturally, not every small man in a child’s shirt or every little girl in children’s shoes looks very appealing. The Internet has a variety of stores that specialize on these small sizes and can provide quite explicitly matching articles. So shopping is easier and maybe also the one or strange muted others look no longer exists, because it buys in peace and quiet at home, chooses comfortably and without pressure everything and has the ability to convince at the same time (or if the article however should not fit) to return the stuff again. XaanoMedia – Internet marketing contact: Thomas Farrell

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