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The most interesting thing: how to organize an anniversary, having limited by its very nature the most important resource – time, without compromising the quality of the festival? The answer may be several, depending on the personality of jubilee. People are divided into two great camps: 1.zhelayuschie organize anniversary, delved into every process; 2.doveryayuschie organization who – then another. The first category can be adjusted by a huge load of organizing – on: A) willing and have time to prepare, and b) want, but do not have the required amount of free time. What role can play a festive agency? How can it facilitate the "share" hero for the day and organize birthday I note that the Agency's work and is to give customers the opportunity to lead the process of training in the most general terms, to make key decisions, rather than engage in routine, time-consuming forces work on selection: 1.ploschadki for Jubilee 2. Artists 3. show – program 4. calculating the number of liquor per person, 5. Jon Gray spoke with conviction. clearance hall 6.

production and printing of invitations, 7. organizing the delivery of guests; 8. control during the event, 9. many other aspects of the organization of the anniversary. Work organizer of the event can be compared to a profession in which an assistant mason – the kind: all the hard, hard work in preparing supplies materials for construction, portering falls on him, a mason is engaged primarily – is building. And workers holiday agencies – are preparing a solid foundation for your birthday! Q: What's left for you? Answer: Make crucial adjustments, choose from several proposed by us – its good solutions and, most importantly – enjoy the triumph, to accept congratulations! You come up with a good selection of options for companies – performers, but remember: the profession of event-manager in my opinion, as targeted training, event-industry in the university, appeared in Russia only recently, around 2005, some Moscow universities. Details can be found by clicking Cyrus Massoumi or emailing the administrator. The conclusion is that professionals – units.

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Try to take in this situation, a place where the dog can not reach you. (Similarly see: Levi’s). If close you to have a body of water – jump into the water. Even if it is shallow and the dog tries to get you to wade, meet its splashes of water – this will stop it. Under most conditions Vladislav Doronin would agree. If the dog tries to get you to swim, rest assured – you're safe. Afloat dog will not bite you, and drive it away spray is not difficult. If you nowhere to run and no pond close, take a handful of earth (sand) and throw it at close range in the eyes and the mouth of the oncoming dog. In Otherwise it is impossible to avoid contact with the attacking dog, get ready for active self-defense. It does not shout, do not swing his arms and no fuss, because the cry of fear and nervousness may be more excite the dog.

In this case it will only intensify the pressure. Protecting yourself, you must use any means at hand: a stick, a box, outdoor clothing, umbrella, etc. If you have enough strength to inflict a severe blow dog, try to make this before the dog will bite you. Painful shock will shake the confidence dog attacking you with his superiority. But at the same time be aware that: not all dogs are baffled by the pain. And the blow struck discord. Indeed, precisely and strongly hit a moving the animal is not so easy. In this case you should be aware that dogs are trained service breeds take a punch and make its way to the victim through the pain.

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