The Consumers

Of consumers or consumer pays full price 100% and thus financed all the intermediate steps. In the consumer network, the producer receives also 30-40% of the selling price. Consumer / consumer pays full price 100%. But because there are no intermediate sellers / intermediaries and expensive advertising, but only “word of mouth” recommendations from consumer to consumer, the saved 60-70% of the consumers can be distributed. Go to Jon Gray for more information. The distribution happens sound manner after a for any consumer right valid distribution key / payout schedule. More than one who recommends little or no receives who recommends much and grow his downline as a result. The personal usage and performance be so rewarded and not age, gender, duration of membership or education. University of Cambridge is actively involved in the matter.

This industry is considered the most democratic, that exists on the market at all as one. … and everyone can recommend, because it is nothing more than something to mention and to tell of a possibility. We do this to already all so of course (and love!) childhood and youth, that we are not aware. Cyrus Massoumi: the source for more info. Actually, it would be difficult to stop this kind of recommended, because she has a firm place in human communication and is greatly appreciated. In almost every conversation involves Yes including tips, suggestions, help and recommendations.

Will most people recommend just not getting paid why but not certain products, of which we believe and which help us to shape our future and that of other people in many ways to our wishes and ideas? VitaminB with our partner companies can set up way or also from the outset as an existence itself in this way. This proven system, which is a kind of consumerism in the foreground, which is based on trust and communication, WINS increasingly important and will according to the expert opinion to one of the most important systems of the future develop. Why not now already this billion dollar market participate? Now ask yourself safely: what is consumed doing? That’s a good question – what are the properties which would have to have a product in your opinion, to be suitable for the distribution channel of the consumer network? It must be a consumable product.

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Manuela Kiechle

Also apply any Waiting times, and the daily allowance is paid only for maximum 78 weeks. Just independent should close therefore a private health benefit insurance, covering personal needs much better”, recommends Manuela Kiechle, Member of the Board of the private health insurers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern (Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG / Union Krankenversicherung AG). Introduction of an additional contribution in the statutory health insurance may be a statutory health insurance fund also from 2009 raise an additional contribution of up to one percent of the contribution assessment ceiling, if she doesn’t come off with the funds from the health fund. For a taxable annual income of 50,000 euro, this means a monthly expense of nearly 37 euros. Health insurance can seek this additional post during the current financial year, if the financial needs through funds from the health fund is not covered. A retroactive payment by the insured persons is excluded. Will be charged the additional fee, the insured may change the Fund, if it is not for a dial plan three-year bond has decided. Changes in the private health insurance also the private health insurers were influenced by the health care reform from 1 January 2009: there is now a uniform base tariff at all companies, corresponding to the scope of the statutory health insurance.

Can switch in the base fare and in the private health insurance since January 1, 2009 so far not insured persons who are allocated to the private health insurance; also voluntarily legally insured in the first six months after removal of the compulsory of insurance. All prior to the private received just as the right to switch to the basic rate for a company of their choice insured up to June 30, 2009. When replacing a private provider a part of retirement provisions savings on can be taken also in certain circumstances. Private health insurers offer predictable contributions and guaranteed services on the contributions and the benefits of the existing treaties in the private health insurance does not affect the health care reform but. It provides high-quality medical services and offers predictable contributions which do not depend on the content”, says Manuela Kiechle.

Therefore, a change in the private health insurance is voluntarily legally insured to recommend. Voluntarily insured can terminate their legal protection at any time with a notice period of two months and go to a private provider. There is more information about health-care reform on the Internet at. Published by the Versicherungskammer Bayern, Maximilianstrasse 53, 80537 Munich the Versicherungskammer Bayern’s group is the largest public insurers nationwide and is placed among the top ten of insurers. in 2007 reached 5.66 billion euros premiums the insurer of all divisions and about 6,500 employees. Every working day, the company pays its customers approximately EUR 17 million in insurance benefits. Every year more than 2.8 million insurance and performance cases are processed, which is around 1,500 per Work hour. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins describes an additional similar source. With its regional operating companies, companies in Bavaria, the Palatinate, the Saarland, as well as in Berlin and Brandenburg operates; in the health insurance business along with the other public insurers nationwide. Contact Claudia Scheerer, spokeswoman Tel.

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What should you do when? A guide and explanation. Some requests already reached me deal with the theme of “Private health insurance in 2011”. Why now? Now, due to the DreiJahresregel in the statutory health insurance, many workers not yet in a position in the private health insurance must be replaced. Gem. 6 v employees under certain conditions are insurance free. It says exactly: (4) the year work pay in three consecutive calendar years will limit, expires at the end of the third calendar year in which it exceeded the insurance obligation. This does not apply if the charge does not exceed that from the beginning of the next calendar year y bordering current year work remuneration.

The employee who in 2008, 2009 and 2010 2008 48.150 EUR 2009 48.600 EUR 2010 49950 EUR exceeds the year work remuneration (JAEG) and vorr. also for 2011, is thus free to insurance and can either remain voluntarily in the statutory health insurance (GKV), or in change the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). When should which be undertaken now? Basically the application is possible “sometime” in 2010, since the beginning of may only be 1 1 2011. This risks but now a worse state of health occurring diseases, changes in health status “randomly” identified in an other investigation and / or have an accident. All of these reasons can install final and finally the change in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). Now there are several ways: Variant 1: completing one so called option tariff. This ensures the change in the private health insurance without new risk assessment in compliance with the requirements.

This is so a preservation of health information, so the a Verschlechterung-if they free up the Exchange does not prevent. This is sought and the “normal” risk questions be asked today. After that success an assessment and it is a contribution to be paid. Option 2: in most A “date available” the application companies is maximum 6 months possible. Thus, this means a change to the 01 01 2011 submission is possible from 1 7. Then the usual risk assessment is also carried out, the request is accepted and policiert and also here no other diseases are therefore more to report. and now we come to the most elegant variant, since these can save even post: option 3: by calculating the age (beginning of year minus year of birth) applies to the variants 1 and 2 the age 2010. Since an entry with a younger age leads to permanently lower premiums, I suggest the following Variant. Worry what selection criteria must meet “your” price in the month of May alone. Viewing several models with the consultant and think about in peace and quiet. If you have made a decision, so make entsprechendeVoranfragen (no requests) of the consultant. Then, when you apply for an entitlement from 01 12 2010 (from 1.6.). This ensures the age in 2010 and is priced very manageable. For an insured person around 30, this means a multiple amount of contribution for the month of December by approximately 100 EUR, contribution savings of about 8-9 EUR per month. So has this already in 2011 “calculated”. Also in this version, the health state is secured according to underwriting. Some companies already offer the application for 2011. This procedure (submission of more than 6 months in advance) has however led to some excitement to the supervisory authorities in the past and therefore I think nothing of this variant.

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Young Families And Insurance – No Solution Out Of The Box

Young families and insurance – part 3 no solution the rod of the optimal protection of the personal life situation depends on. Like we would run at this point in ten steps for optimal protection. This is not possible: there is no silver bullet, which is equally suitable for all. You have to find together the best solution for you and your family with a professional advisor itself. The initiative is but up to you. We want to give you some food for thought, that can help you decide. In short, without claim on completeness.

Are you or your spouse is permanently employed keyword State funding? Then you confront yourself the Riester pension. This funding pension is attractive for families with children. Self-employed and freelancers get usually no Riester promotion. You benefit from the Rurup pension. Therefore our Tip: who plays with the idea after several years experience own boss to be,. should apply from the outset Rurup.

The Rurup-rente is incidentally wrongly reputed that only can relate services insured himself at the age, but otherwise the contributions paid will be forfeited. Rather, also a survivor can be arranged in addition to occupational disability protection. Workers should confront keyword retirement even more opportunities for occupational retirement provision. Often, establishing a pension by the employer is financially supported, either voluntarily or as laid down in the collective agreement. A combination of occupational retirement provision and Riester-rente is also possible. And another thing: by law, every worker has the right to build up a company pension. Talk to your boss. Keyword disability is pointed out repeatedly the need of for private disability protection. So who can should hedge its workforce: more than two million people in Germany can permanently unable to work due to health reasons. Every fourth employee must leave the profession prematurely. Unfortunately, it is possible to take out disability insurance not always all.

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Overnight Interest Rate 2010

What is day money accrue in the financial crisis? Day money rates and the year 2010 or 2011? Many doubt here rightly. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Linklater, another great source of information. How much is the day money rates in 2010? Unfortunately there was this financial crisis in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and as interest rates have been reduced by the ECB. Interest rates have been reduced and the banks to refinance so better. The improved refinancing possibilities must banks offer interest rates not so high, but couldn’t refinance at the Central Bank. Perhaps check out Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc for more information. For this reason, have fallen extremely day money interest rates and are currently less than 2 percent. That continue to insist on high interest rates there, only a few providers. But why have the banks to offer high interest rates? Of course, they need liquidity.

But not only the liquidity is correct, but also the new customer. By high interest rates, you can win new customers, which make other investments in claim and then also borrow. The acquisition of new customers is becoming increasingly important for many people. Because only by attracting new customers, you can Indeed, to that you reach young customers and therefore also binds. Fixed-term deposits is slightly better interest, you must bind his money but very long. Many people shy away from so long to bind their money, because they want to buy at some point a car or a House. More at

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Statutory Health Insurance Fund

Higher contributions arise the increases by raising the contribution assessment ceiling by raising state of the contribution assessment ceiling for health and long-term care insurance to 45,000 euros a year. With it, many more deserving employees (including the employer’s share) must now monthly pay 641,25 euro for the statutory health insurance. Add may be contributions for private supplementary insurance. For the majority of workers, who are with their content under the contribution assessment ceiling, yet nothing is changed in the most legal funds. Here, it remains to be seen what reforms the legislature for the future plans. To read more click here: Kindle Direct Publishing. Complicates the legislator has also the change of the law in the private health insurance.

Significantly here is the limit of the compulsory insurance: in the future can workers sick sure only then privately, if paying at least 4.162,50 euro monthly (previously 4.050,-EUR). Besides better-earning employees are usually self-employed or Freelancer, civil servants or students from the statutory health insurance duty free can and switch to private health insurance. Learn more about private health insurance can be found on. Contact: Bergische Assekuranz broker Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal Tel: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 E-Mail: contact person for the press: Bogdan Kalid image source: (c) the company Yuri Arcurs Bergische insurance broker was founded by diploma economists Bogdan Kellinger and Karsten Werksnies as an independent insurance broker. With the Internet presence of young the company specializes specifically on the needs of private individuals and professionals, who would want no advice-bound insurance representatives an individual insurance company, but based on independent comparison calculations to get low-cost and high-performance offerings of from various companies. The company Bergische insurance brokers has connections to more than 100 different insurance companies.

There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders. In addition, all other age and occupational groups will advise comprehensive, fair, independent and competent. Since 1998 in the insurance industry are active customers via the Internet, by telephone and by post served – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance brokers is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups.

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Statutory Health Insurance

Does your insurance company with the money? As the first statutory health insurance, the common BKK Cologne (GBK) has retroactively raised an additional contribution to Jul 1, 2009. Regardless of the income the members of the Fund pay an additional contribution of EUR 8 per month. According to many experts, it is only a matter of time before other funds to introduce a supplementary contribution. The health fund was launched on January 1, 2009. The health insurance companies to determine since not themselves about the level of contribution rates for its members and their employers. These are now uniformly set for all health insurance companies by the Federal Government.

Contribution rate funded by employer and employee was 14.6 per cent at the start of the Fund. II however was decided in view of the difficult economic situation in 2009 and a demand for economic relief for employers and workers with the stimulus package to reduce the contribution of 14.6 14.0 percentage points to the 1.Juli. Because the insured person has to bear a share of 0.9 percentage points alone, the General contribution rate since 1.Juli so at 14.9 per cent of the insurance income. Additional contribution does not come out the selected health insurance company with the money transferred from the Fund, they may levy a surcharge. The amount of the payment must be a maximum of 1% of the gross income and the insurance company has to determine, that will be charged an additional contribution in the future by the members in their statutes. The Fund would like to raise a supplementary contribution without cumbersome having to check, how much 1% of the gross income of the respective members, it raises an additional contribution without checking the amount of revenue of the Member. This “unbureaucratic” way SGB requires V according to 242, that does not exceed this 8 euro per month. If you want to change the health insurance, you must have been insured in principle for 18 months there cash Exchange.

In accordance with 175 SGB V is then a termination of membership possible until the end of the next calendar month. The insurance company is required to issue a confirmation of cancellation within 14 days from the. The cancellation takes effect when the Member within the cancellation period can prove a membership with an other health insurance through a new Member certificate. The candidate in a new health insurance scheme is straightforward, because the new health insurance may not generally deny membership. You must declare only against the newly elected health insurance, that you want to be member in the future there. An application must be submitted, together with the confirmation of cancellation of the old cash register. This application can be found mostly on the homepage of the health insurance companies. Special termination right raises a fund but SGB is a supplementary contribution according to paragraph 175 V S. 4 eliminates a special termination right and the 18-month period. The notice remains though, the Fund must inform however as on the increase of the additional contribution, that you can change without the new contribution will be charged. Something else applies for an insured person with a legal Health insurance choice rate are insured. These tariffs raise a three-year period, and a special right of termination with premium adjustments is excluded.

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