Japanese Particularist

With the development of animation industry, activity Tachikom also evolved and became more aggressive. Already in 1970, against the backdrop of economic transformation in Japan, tried to integrate into the particularist Japanese government. Then it was a difficult task, since Tachikomy, followers of the cult Motoko Kusanagi, considered the most effective poloformoy matriarchal social structure. Japanese society was also rather 'traditional', chauvinistic and push a woman in the government was virtually impossible. Whenever Richard Linklater listens, a sympathetic response will follow. However, the small bureaucratic positions that are considered masculine Tachikomy patrimony, education 'Eleven particularist 'has become increasingly important force. Suffice it to recall an incident in March 1976 the first year, with the murder of a minister / x Emii Shiro. Such a force was an important advantage because the American special group 'Bzho Dash' does not could get into government structures. Thus, early secured a tendency to support the Government of Japan's own animation production.

Opposition to uncontrolled particularist governmental bodies, such an initiative did not cause. This was associated with a natural patriotic urge the Japanese to manufacture, develop and consume its own mass culture. By the mid-80s Japanese animation production (anime) and Japanese graphic novels (manga), we finally anchored in Japanese society. Many settingovye series is still going on (Lupin III, Gundam, Macross). There was a place for obessmerchivaniya fighters anime. In setting of the anime Ghost in the Shell main character is called Motoko Kusanagi. Help her to her true Tachikomy. The setting GitS style closer to the reality of cyber-punk has become so successful and popular that it inspired the Wachowski brothers to create a famous Matrix. With the help of the Government of Japan and the ancient Japanese warrior, the Japanese animation culture continues to thrive.

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School Lecturers

December 4, 2010 in Moscow, Russia * ANO "Criminon CIS" held regular training "school lecturers anti-crime and drug education." It prepared to lecture beginners and improved their skills and skilled professional lecturer. In order to stop the growth of crime and drug addiction in our society, "Criminon CIS" held regular training "school lecturers anti-crime and drug education," based on the method of lectures of the philosopher, humanist of the twentieth century L. Ron Hubbard. Employees Criminon goal was – to make sure that the lecturer could without barriers, and fears to hold the interesting and informative lecture about the dangers of drugs and crime for any audience. The training consisted of both theory and from practice. The head coach was a professional lecturer, Vitaly Mashkov. He definitely knows how to lecture, and confirmation that 40 000 people who been to his lectures.

"The School Lecturers' Criminon CIS has been successful. Here are comments from participants: "I am very pleased with the findings. Very real, understandable. The key for me was: 'Being myself in the role of the lecturer, but with their experience and their reality. " I always felt embarrassed 'on whose behalf I speak? " 'Who am I? " 'What an idea, I want to convey the message and on whose behalf? " 'Why am I doing this? " And this is the first step and I always hung in doubt. Sincerity who would not communicated. And, of course, need to increase professionalism. The theme was remarkable "Trust".

Trustworthy people actually have a great environment! And I got a tool that allows you step by step remove all a pack of lies out of their way to happiness. And this MUST be passed these tools. People will communicate more freely and more and having fun! I've got experience in how to do it understandable to people. Huge thanks a remarkable lecturer and the organizers!! With best wishes, LM "" I want to read anti-crime professional lectures, so I visited the Workshop for lecturers Vitaly Mashkov. Vitaly shared with us extensive experience of working with criminals and bureaucrats. I saw that it was not so difficult, most important to know the right approach to different audiences. His information helped me better to give lectures. Thanks to Vitaly and the organizers 'Criminon'. IZ " 'Criminon' means 'no crime' and is an international nonprofit organization that is dedicated rehabilitation of offenders and crime prevention by educating people and helping them restore their self-esteem, to become ethical and productive members of society. In their work, the organization uses the book of the famous writer and humanist L. Ron Hubbard's "Way to Happiness", as well as opening he made the study of the causes of crime, when in the late 40's he worked in the Los Angeles police. "Those who succeed in life, never stop learning … Let the people first watch, learn, find answers to questions and then do what they have learned. And when they are able to do it right, even if practiced, practiced and practiced until they can do it on a professional level "- L. Ron Hubbard," The Way to Happiness. " For further information and application forms for participation in the next school lecturers are accepted by phone: 8926154 55 54 or write to us at: * ANO – an autonomous non-profit organization.

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