The Sun

Or that there is at least a correlation between their name, which was forgotten, and their experience of their self-created reality. “Her name was her sensitivity, the quasi non-knowledge to be the forgotten paradise”. Now, the Days of her seventh birthday it came that EBE il of one morning left her home to go to the nearby school. It was a beautiful clear winter day. The Sun was shining with its full force at disposal and also the heavens shone in his most beautiful blue. It was really a sight and an expression of perfection, which is there today was apparent outside.

She didn’t have eyes for this magic of nature, the cold took it as quite real. Cold, which somehow allowed, but punitive accepted them. Basically she was rather neutral and uninvolved the cold. It was unique and alone the sadness which she took, who became her very nature to her constant companion. A become chronic heart pain, which hochschwanger wore the longing to return home, to feel connectedness in itself. Their yearning after close, security, contact had become so unspeakably great and daunting, that it is the inherent driving force, which home they sought to, could hardly avoid. Enormous forces tried to tame them now, in which she revealed the constant, dull and monotonous pain in their hearts.

This was to withstand barely, to endure, at the border of the uberlebensfahigen. This sadness and loneliness was now her to a well-known Companion. He had actually become a guardian, which protected them before to have to look from the years of denial while not her irrepressible desire for life and the pain, in the depths of their hearts, of renunciation, the denial of this came to meet. Cyrus Massoumi has similar goals. A meeting which would entail inevitably basic consequences changing everything without a doubt, by her secretly feared – to either be namely this sight not up to be and go on this to actually devoured so just by the observed or just the positive variant, the acceptance of the reality and realization of atomic energy to the total Unlock change would, would the internal look, will be reborn and be reborn, bring with them, to turn its back on just the pain meant to go against the freedom.

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Weinert ISBN

“Off the wall” which is a book by Wolf-Peter Weinert of cancer patients received positively “off the wall” is a love story, which is by the way out of the crisis. Paula Willms is sick and feels alone. Lethargic, her husband commutes between workplace and television, her adult son is drawn to study distant. Fear and weakness are when she meets Thomas Paula’s basic moods. Thomas has his own difficult life behind him and initially does not feel able to engage in a new partnership. Wolf-Peter Weinert told how Paula and Thomas become acquainted and how everyone can use healing powers that are beyond medicine. Cyrus Massoumi married is actively involved in the matter. A group of colorectal cancer patients was so inspired by the love story of “Off the wall”, that it has implemented the core message of the healing power of the movement into action. Although weakened by the devastating diagnoses and chemotherapy, each of the patients started gently with endurance sports.

Swimming, running, walking or cycling are available for you now on the daily program. There are no miracle cures, but each of them feels better, feel more power and more will to live in. In “From the wall”, Paula Willms has colon cancer. After a successful operation, in which one has removed her a part of the intestine, comes the next shock: the neighbouring lymph nodes are affected by metastases. Paula Willms is alone. Her husband Carl, lethargic commutes between workplace and TV, your adult son David is drawn to study distant. Fear is Paula’s basic emotion and she misses the inner strength and the will to become healthy again. As a last resort, you appears a lonely remote Lake, always looking up, and she often considered from the plateau of a large, steep rock face.

Here it feels you last little freedom, the last bit of self-determination. But the cancer Paula in the knee should force this freedom is based on the possibility of plunging off the high cliff or descend into the dark lake. Paula expect nothing more from the Life. At this stage she meets Thomas, who himself has a severe stroke of fate behind. A delicate love arises, in the course of which it understands Thomas to mobilize forces in Paula that she no longer believed.

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ICH Behavior

There are basic associations closely resemble in many cultures which make up the collective element of the archetypal symbols (that is unconsciously associated by many or all people with an idea or a principle). System archetype is one of the American Peter M. Senge created term systemic description and representation of g enerischen structure n natural, vital systems, management often observable behavior patterns of people. As such illustrated pattern to make predictable each underlying dynamics understood and the learning effect possible consequences of certain actions. In particular, the dynamics of behavior patterns should be comprehensible to unwanted, or to avoid unintended impact of own actions. Character types: How am I (cultures)? In the psychoanalysis refers to a type of experience and behavior, as well as an individual pattern of dominant defenses from the ICH portion character superego I = it. The characters merge fluently, however, there is an accumulation of certain structural elements.

narcissistic character (early oral phase) dominant defenses: cleavage. Devaluation / idealization. Denial. Projective identification. Experience and behavior: Inflated need of power and self-esteem, devaluation of others schizoid character < (early oral phase) prevailing Abwehrmechanisme n: sublimation. Rationalization. Intellectualization.

Affect insulation. Experience and behavior: need for distance, fear of close to depressive character (oral phase) dominant defenses: Auto-aggression. Re action education. Introjection. Experience and behavior: Depending on other people Ideas of inferiority and feelings, passivity. compulsive character (anal phase) dominant defenses: Re-action education. Rationalization, affect insulation. Experience and behavior: control need thrift. Stubbornness, accuracy. hysterical character (Oedipal / elektrale phase) dominant defenses: denial, displacement, conversion change. Experience and behavior: application need. sexualized behavior, fear of sexuality. Another character Psychoanalytical concept with explicit reference to the Freudian phase model has developed Erich Fromm.

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