Student consultants carry current academic knowledge in the company. You can advance its customers with latest knowledge and offer the best possible advice. What does knowledge mean? And how can a consultant pass on his knowledge and his experience? Not early we have learned that we need to know experiences itself? How can a consultant then solve a problem by its own Know-How help me? A consultant has learned through his profession and learn solution-oriented work, analyze issues and problems and to prepare, has experienced various difficult situations and thus learned to apply its expertise to new. Employees of companies that have, or? Yes, employees have their individual expertise. That is why they are so valuable for their companies.

So have but many years of experience, but often don’t have the time or the ability to pay, other problem areas or to get to the latest scientific findings and to prepare the solution-oriented. This is precisely the task of the consultant. He is faced with various problems to be solved. A leading source for info: Anne Wyllie. Each problem solution increases the wealth of experience and knowledge, so the knowledge on which it can draw. So expertise is special, especially technically or economically valuable knowledge, experience, and knowledge according to the encyclopedia”. Know-How means to be able to apply his theoretical knowledge practically. So, in particular students will learn holistic understanding of problems and issues and to work systematically. Issues such as valuation, statistics and quality management can be learned while studying.

Especially student advisors can carry the current academic knowledge in the company. You can advance its customers with latest knowledge and learn the practical application of their knowledge at the same time. As an interface between research and practice, they can offer the best possible advice to companies. This kind of knowledge is valuable for a Companies. So Student Adviser characterized here by creative and flexible solutions, without already make use of internalized thinking. With a broad portfolio of services of process optimisation and support certifications regarding the implementation of market surveys and giving training to the development and implementation of balanced scorecard is cards just the Studentische Unternehmensberatung junior Comtec a competent partner in all these areas. Since its founding 23 years ago at the TU Darmstadt motivated students from various disciplines beyond their studies look beyond. So already over 600 projects could be completed in the past. The solutions it produced were not only getting a great help for the company, but also an important step in personal development for any student advisor. In doing so they link their current academic knowledge with the experience of the oldest student consultancy of in Germany and place your Know-How efficiently a problem-solving their customers.

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Joy For Economic Performance

It is researched, analyzed and developed. The strategy and processes are always complicated, but the successes are seen as a whole more moderately. As always, the solution in the simple lies. If it worth living joy in the company more funded, exactly this by the people is work and allow for new growth. Joy in the company. For some, it is already everyday life, for many, this is still a foreign Word.

If the person who has to do a job, don’t like doing his job, then millions can invested thousands, saved and yet the development is blocked. One of the most important life tasks that a person has, is to find out what he wants to be, what he wants to do. To broaden your perception, visit Jon Gray. A factor for failure is to take on a person, who does his job for the money stop, because you just have to work. Who is responsible for personnel, should have the gift to feel if a man loves his work. If people with joy and enthusiasm make their work, is this creativity, excellence and thus Free success.

Motivation is here almost no longer necessary. These people inspired by the work itself. Such people are rarely to never get sick, are very loyal to a company to support and encourage fellow and also bullying has no chance. Therefore you can no longer afford to spoil the joy of the people in the workplace conditions or non-inspired leaders. Learn more on the subject from University of Michigan. That costs money. Any Executive who doesn’t love their work and scare off the joy of work therefore people, a company can bring to the case. It is increasingly important that the visions of the companies in the people bring something to vibrate. I want to do with the feeling of there!” Such a powerful vision attracts people who work not only with pleasure, but who want to experience a sense of life through their work. This combination of work life and job satisfaction is one of the keys to a future of afraid you need. Enjoyment or non-enjoyment is the question of success! Sonja ch. Kelz

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Better Environment

Here is the window prices itself easily calculate BEW since 1992 in the field of components offers its customers a wide product range, especially in the area of window. You can be on the site in just three steps which calculate prices window. If you are interested in modern energy, to do in the long term not just for your own wallet, but also for the environment, because it consumes less energy for heating during the cold period. If you are interested in brands window, takes man as well as Schuco window, but also regular Windows. Double glazing have today almost all plastic Windows, as these less heat out and let. You can easily determine plastic window prices as well as with the configurator. A plastic window has the advantage that you must paint it – in contrast to a wooden window – never.

Energy must be these days similarly well-finished, to meet the thermal insulation to the latest standards, what is also their self interest to conserve. The window and plastic window prices by 1A can be found, so that you get not only a high quality, but also an erstklasigen price as a customer. All Windows, like for example, Schuco window, within few working days packaged of Thuringia from within Germany delivered. If one builds a house new or modernized, should you inform yourself alone on the corresponding window, and also the various plastic window to compare prices. The companies from Thuringia has been active since 1992 in the item shop and specializes in window of all kinds. With different manufacturers and dealers to use the experience to provide high-quality but low-priced Windows. You can visit on the spot and see their exhibition alone. Wernshausen, 14.04.2010, Reiner Muller

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Escalating Situations

In escalating situations right and efficient de-escalate with the globalisation of migration in many countries and the economic and personal linkages between the countries at a tremendous pace to expand the development of the European internal market. Corporate mergers, international cooperation of companies, market developments and increasing efficiency are in the foreground. This requires frequent trips both domestically and in European, but also non-European foreign countries. Gain insight and clarity with The Journal of Educational Research. To be internationally also means to feel foreign in the other country. This is for example to the other language and communication way, the unfamiliar climate, light and weather, the transport and foreign food. To broaden your perception, visit Heritage Foundation.

Everything is different than at home. And this makes it unsafe. Especially uncertain, as we in sticky situations react to. That’s why the experts at MentalLeis services developed an efficient two-day seminar concept. The target is its own security for business travelers, many travellers (Board of Directors, Managing Director, project manager, Sales Manager, service technician, travelling with assets) expatriates who are preparing for a foreign job etc. By the top executive coaches of MentalLeis services used interactive training case studies demonstrates both from intercultural and safety practice.

These practical examples to implement teacher participants of training together with der(m) in efficient and effective learning. Detailed description of the content In the de escalation efficient training participants learn dealing with potential aggressors”by means of de escalating and communicative means to dominate. The participants show so clear and distinct borders, protect, and defend”this. The course is prevention. So the teacher pointing out realistic measures for the detection and assessment of possible situations. To cope with such situations, necessary awareness and the resulting self-assertion the participants learn in role-playing games are increasing. Specifically, the participants train the use of language, voice, pitch, speech speed, facial expression, gestures and posture (verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal communication). “Individual topics of the innovative aspects of de-escalation training of socialization of victimisation (becoming a victim) modus operandi (procedure and types of aggressors) stress / anxiety and the hormone cocktail of the Yerkes-Dodson law (ratio between tension and performance) the principle of classical conditioning” (Pavlov and the safe place”) conflict detection (situation know and recognize) situation assessment, conflict prevention (going away / escape) conflict resolution through verbal communication and de escalating interviewing non-verbal communication (facial expressions, gestures, body posture) civil courage (don’t look away, but look closely and make public) legal notes to the self-defense / emergency method training to strengthen the ego – and we feeling 50% interactive training with theoretical knowledge 50% de escalation innovative training with practical role-playing games for escalating situations.

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ESTOS Reinforced Its International Presence With An Office In Italy

First foreign subsidiary ESTOS Italia Srl founded Starnberg, just the founding of ESTOS Italia Srl in Udine, Italy announced December 09, 2010 – who has unified communications software maker ESTOS. With the newly founded ESTOS is further expanding its presence in the region and underlines the importance of the local market. Managing Director of the new subsidiary is Alessandro Parisi. For several years, ESTOS in Italy is present powerful partners and during this time successfully implemented numerous projects most recently, for example, when the Knauf construction material suppliers. In the framework of its expansion strategy, the unified communications software maker has founded first foreign branch in Udine in November of this year with the ESTOS Italia Srl. The subsidiary will henceforth promote marketing of unified communications portfolio by ESTOS throughout the Mediterranean region.

This includes the UC bestseller ESTOS ProCall enterprise network solution and ESTOS ProCall one for individual seats, as well as the LDAP server ESTOS MetDirectory and the ECSTA series as middleware (CSTA/TAPI) for all common PBX & PBX-enterprise systems. The products of the manufacturer of the software are distributed as in all other areas indirectly through a partner network. These include distributors such as NextMedia, EDSLAN, ASIT or ALLNET and well-known integrators like SurfTech as specialist for Citrix and Terminal Server, as well as ingest for Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, the topics hosting and IP Centrex are internationally more and more back in the focus of the company. Alessandro Parisi is Managing Director of ESTOS Italia Srl and guides the branch in Udine.

In his role, he will be responsible for the activities in the areas of sales, marketing, support and presales in the region. Parisi is over 20 years of experience in the ICT business and thus has a wide experience in particular in relation to the entire ESTOS portfolio. We feel a significant increase in demand for classical CTI especially in recent quarters again and unified communications products”, so Parisi. I’m looking forward to the new challenge and am convinced that new and innovative ways of telecommunications, such as, for example, unified communications be significantly optimize the processes in companies.”Italy is an important market for ESTOS. We see great potential for our unified communications products that were specially designed for the requirements of medium-sized companies – both on-premise and hosted scenario designed as in the entire region. The founding of ESTOS Italia Srl is an important milestone of our internationalisation strategy”, so Florian Bock, President of ESTOS Italia Srl & Managing Director of ESTOS GmbH. detailed developed information to the ESTOS unified communications solution components and a free 45-day trial (no registration) about ESTOS since 1997 get you on our website and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications-products. The CTI and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business.

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Nobel Laureate

Sophisticated system for different requirements on the occasion of the Nobel Laureate meeting from June 27 to July 02 invited numerous Nobel Laureates and young scientists from all over the world on the island of the Foundation Lindau Nobel Conference at Lake Constance. For the Panel discussions planned on this occasion, one of the gable ends was signed with plan curtains to make the stage in the Center. Prime Minister Stefan Mappus and the Countess Bettina Bernadotte praised the event and adopted at the end of the ceremony all participants. On 17 July the first Constance long night of science followed by”. From 21: 00, numerous take took place on the tent stage. The journey through the world of energy ended for all Constance revelers with live music and various bars. Also the music scene use the exceptional backdrop of the Castle meadows.

A week after the science world the o presented itself with its jazz concert series under palm trees”. At the end of July events followed a spontaneous concert of the Sudwestdeutsche Philharmonie. To play Edith Stein, which was completely destroyed by arson, for the parents and children of the children’s House. If you would like to know more then you should visit Joy Winbourne. For both music performances, offered the Losberger tent many covered seats in the Greens and defied the changing weather conditions. Without curtains and tent eaves height of 5.20 m the visitors always looked in the Green castle gardens. Especially at night the land-wide lighting was a highlight. FASEB Journal has much to offer in this field. In the last week of July, the tent was mined by the Losberger installation crew. The evented GmbH, a leading provider of event technology and conception, regards the Losberger tent an investment in the future.

Already for the year 2011, more tent stakes are planned among other things again on the island of flowers. Image: Losberger special construction maxiflex 20.5/540 x 50 m all round open about Losberger the Losberger group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, landlords and sellers of temporary and semi-permanent Room solutions and sets new standards in service, technology and design. Losberger tent offer a variety of sizes, shapes and trim levels, with the individual customer wishes project can be addressed through the high-quality modular system. The tents and halls of Los Berger offer a variety of temporary space solutions for event and business. From the range of event tents are event tents for sport-, Firmen -, public and private events, as well as temporary or mobile halls for trade fairs and exhibitions available. In the area of industrial halls and tent halls and tents for industry, trade and commerce are offered. The halls are used as storage for the production and presentation. The tents and halls of Los Berger are in many dimensions and equipment to buy and rent. Press contact backing GmbH marketing and press Diana Vogel Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tel: 07066 980 243 fax: 07066 980 232 E-Mail:

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Bischoff Durkheimer

The identification specialist PrintoLUX presents a comprehensive comparison of the system more and more industrial enterprises, especially in the automotive sector on its Web site, are interested to buy the label production not by service providers, but even to make it. In this endeavour, it is not easy to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the different marking systems in terms of inclusion in the own production process. The identification specialist PrintoLUX presents a comprehensive comparison of the system on its Web site and ensuring transparency. The all-round effort of manufacturing companies to increase efficiency is also increasingly the identification technology to the test. While many managers perceive, that is this hitherto little-noticed and purchased often as service area suitable for inclusion in their own production processes. This is especially true if the procedure of marking production without increased personnel expenses can be used and in which quality is achieved convince.

Marking technology: a wide and little transparent box engraving, CO2 laser, printing, digital printing,… just a few of common labelling procedures represent, which are basically suitable integration in production processes. The providers of these procedures keep it in all rule so to advertise for their procedures. Thus, all interested parties and potential users are ahead a little transparent, making difficult decisions. The system comparison of PrintoLUX to provide a solid information base investment decisions, has undergone a detailed comparison of the system the identification specialist PrintoLUX the own procedure with regard to the most common user requests. Come to the comparison with PrintoLUX : screen printing, engraving, CO2 laser, YAG laser, pad printing, digital printing with solvent ink, digital printing with UV ink, sublimation and Anodic in the options screen and digital printing. The checking criteria are criteria of this system comparison: – for printing-use materials (acrylic, Aluminium, glass, adhesive films, stainless steel, brass, laminate, plastics, keyboard slide), – stability/durability (UV resistance, chemical resistance, physical resistance) – design (colors, print mode, resolution quality) – necessary knowledge on the operation of the procedures, manufacturing (handling/merge, occupational safety and health) investment costs for the establishment of an industrial workstation (inclusion of the printing process in the production process of the user). The system comparison is to look at: that idea PrintoLUX PrintoLUX has developed a system and the patent pending, with certified materials made of metal and plastic in the maximum sizes 300 mm x 500 mm with a height of up to 140 mm can be printed digitally.

The system is unique in the world and replaces the previous methods such as screen printing, engraving, lasers in many applications. The system is more flexible, faster and cheaper. Press contact PrintoLUX GmbH Dr. Helmuth Bischoff Durkheimer road 130 D-67227 Frankenthal Tel.: + 49 (6221) 372657

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Pioneer Medical Devices

The establishment of a modern hospital partnerships in the Middle East are planned for Berlin, October 14, 2010. The Berlin-based medical technology company PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES can refer to Kuwait and Qatar to impressive results shortly after participation in a trade mission of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Therefore PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES is to build and operate of a large-scale hospital in Kuwait with 1,200 beds in particular OP organization and medical product supply leading involved expected to be and already in the 4th quarter of 2010 in process optimization, material – and process management with the cooperation start. Still, the integration of PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES is planned in a so-called system partnership in the establishment of the heart and Diabetes Center in Qatar. In addition, the possibility will be examined to establish a treatment center for medical devices for the entire region of the GCC States (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.). These and other possibilities of Cooperations arose on the occasion of a visit to the Kuwaiti Ministry of health, as well as the local Chamber of Commerce for PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES. “Kuwait is divided into six regions where each region is a private General Hospital” and has its own basic supply centre. In the next few years, a large portion of a total 80 billion euros infrastructure investment in the field of health should flow.

Against this background, partnerships with German companies aimed can contribute in particular for improved process flow management and a therefore optimized infrastructure. A total of seven medium-sized companies in Germany took part in the Mission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs from 25 to 29 September 2010 under the leadership of Deputy Head of unit for the Middle East, Dr. Klaus Hachmeier, which are known in its Technology Division as an innovation leader. Robert Schrodel, Chairman and founder of PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES AG: I’m impressed by the support “by the economy Ministry and our Embassy in Kuwait and particularly from the organization by the gepa2 GmbH, which is organised as a consulting company for foreign trade with the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology the delegation trip to Kuwait and Qatar.” The delegation trip to Kuwait and Qatar took prior to the State visit of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Chalifa Al Thani, in Germany instead. PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES AG offers system solutions for the effective and sustainable supply of medical products, medical equipment and consumables. First company worldwide PIONEER MEDICAL DEVICES has the development and manufacture of complex medical devices with the treatment combines so, that the repeated use of the products by the approval of the product itself is regulated (CE mark).

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Managing Director

This price discussion will lose but in the course of internationalisation meaning”, promised the AT Kearney specialist. When it comes to Kartenschemes Andreas Pratz is forecasting a cross-border consolidation of the market and the shift from old to marketable schemes. Also, as a further core thesis by Pratz’ versions, payments will remain specialized service providers, which offer everything from a single source: the trade will continue to focus on its core business and optimize the purchasing process. Safety innovations are the responsibility of the banking industry and trade is calling it a”card products with new payments feature carried in the future by other service providers in the market”, summed up Marcus W. Richard Linklater spoke with conviction. Mosen, Managing Director of easycash holding GmbH and host of the SEPA round table in his closing remarks. Thus they will be in competition with the traditional players in the card business.” The 11 SEPA round table will take place on May 3, 2010 in Cologne. Further information: easycash holding GmbH marketing / communication Simone Bruder Tel.

+ 49-2102/973-307 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications Marc Nagel / Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63 62 / 54 fax 70 63 80 E-Mail: Internet of easycash since 1992 developed easycash market-driven solutions for card-based cashless payments. Germany’s largest neutral payment provider offers comprehensive service from a single source: with the divisions POS infrastructure, payment processing, issuing processing, acquiring, payment services, as well as card and loyalty solutions, the group covers all relevant areas of card-based payment solutions. Easy cash’s product range includes user-friendly terminals, high-performance solutions in the area of transaction processing and related services tuned. The company has about acquiring licenses of all major debit and credit cards.

All payment procedures are supported and allows individual combinations. The own number procedure OLV easycash largest debit processor with the most meaningful lock file in the German market. Comprehensive services, customized solutions as well as an own card management and billing system that enables the integration of individual solutions in the existing POS infrastructure to complete the full service portfolio.

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HFO Energy Is A New Umbrella Organisation Of Gold Gas SL GmbH

The starts in farm-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH, was appointed by gold gas SL GmbH to the umbrella organisation. A few months ago had located gold gas in the distribution landscape redefined. The connection finds new gold gas dealer – so stand today – instead only on the respective Dachvermarkter of the gold gas SL GmbH. We are very honored that we may start as one of only three organizations marketing with gold gas,”HFO informed energy managing director Alexander Albert. The HFO energy will increasingly concentrate on the business area in the coming months.

In the business customer sector, the savings are enormous. Here we have with gold gas one of the cheapest gas supplier in the boat,”Alexander Albert. In recent months, the HFO energy could more than double their customer portfolios. Ours, some ancillary distribution partner, discovered the high sales potential in the energy market and start now increasingly with their sales activities. The lucrative Commission models of gold gas are an ideal here Prerequisite for sustainable high yield opportunities for retailers,”says energy CEO Albert. Now offers HFO energy of over 22 different energy companies electricity and gas tariffs. This includes well-known brands are as E.g. teldafax, gold gas, flexstrom, evita, Lichtblick, eprimo, Switzerland power, for energy trading, stadtwerke leipzig, etc.

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