Ronkoleukin Leykomaks

For preparations containing complex thymic peptides are also Timalin, Timoptin and others, and to contain extracts of the thymus – Timostimulin and Vilozen. Clinical efficacy of thymic preparations of the first generation there is no doubt, but they have one drawback – they an undivided mixture of biologically active peptides that are difficult to standardize enough. Speaking candidly British Journal of Educational Technology told us the story. Advances in drug thymic origin was through the creation of drugs II and III generations – synthetic analogues of natural hormones of the thymus or fragments of these hormones, having biological activity. Latest trend has been the most productive. On the basis of a fragment that includes amino acid residues of the active site timopoetina was created synthetic hexapeptide Immunofan.

Progenitor bone marrow-derived drugs is Myelopid, which includes complex bioregulyatornyh peptide mediators – myelopeptides (MP). It was found that different MPs affect different parts of the immune system: one increases the functional activity of T-helper cells, while others suppress the proliferation of malignant cells and significantly reduce the ability of tumor cells produce toxic substances, the third stimulates the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. Regulation of established immune responses by cytokines – a complex set of endogenous immunoregulatory molecules, which are still the basis for a large group of both natural and recombinant immunomodulatory drugs. The first group includes Leykinferon and Superlimf, the second – Beta endolysin, and Ronkoleukin Leykomaks (molgramostim). Group of chemically pure immunomodulators can be divided into two groups: low molecular weight and Macromolecular. The former include a number of known drugs, with an additional immunotropic activity.

They became the ancestor of levamisole (Dekaris) – fenilimidotiazol known antihelminthic facility, which has subsequently been identified pronounced immunostimulatory properties. Another promising drug in the subgroup of low-molecular immunomodulators is Galavit – derivative ftalgidrazida. The peculiarity of this drug is available not only immunomodulatory, but expressed anti-inflammatory properties. For the subgroup of low-molecular immunomodulators also include three synthetic oligopeptide: Gepon, Glutoxim and Alloferon.

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