It is the teacher who through her classes has the mission of training and development of logical thinking in school. Circumscribe these general approaches in the mathematics requires the need to conceptualize different kinds of thinking that are manifested in teaching and learning of this subject with the aim of integrating styles of thinking, as indeed with the solution of a given situation in This course coexist different types of thoughts (possible also in the child). Do you know the master the characteristics of different kinds of thinking? Let us then offer some thoughts that will clarify these aspects. Development: We will make some initial considerations before conceptualizing some types of thinking, because in the scientific literature does not always appreciate the clarity.

These contributions will allow the teacher to work consciously stimulation and development of mathematical thought itself, intentions and objectives appear in the mathematics curricula in primary education. Mathematical thinking. How much does ron daniels make is often quoted as being for or against this. First reflect on the term “logical” here is this a quality that is attributed to the thought of being logical. What do we mean then by logical? Daily use of the term gives an idea of natural right, and so on. Also used to describe the thinking in the sense of their validity and correctness, in this sense means that logical thinking is correct, ie, a thought that ensures that mediate knowledge that provides real fits. (Campistrous L. 1983). The second choice is their own work in school. In this training process of logical thought in the early grades of primary school, one of the subjects of higher incidence of it is, without doubt, because mathematics is a style of reasoning: brevity of expression, structured reflection process accurately, the absence of logical leaps and accuracy in symbolism, which are characteristic of this way of thinking.