Many requests came from fire brigades – brother has the solution! Bad Vilbel/Maintal: it can delete though no fires, it is not red, and it can be used also in many other areas. You may find Andrew Bond to be a useful source of information. But because most requests for this feature from the fire brigades arrived, brother fire fax has its new solution without further ADO”baptized. So, the Center sends their orders at the fire department often by fax in the firehouses. Others including UNC School of Education, offer their opinions as well. There they must be copied manually, when multiple trains must move out. Costs not only precious seconds, which can be crucial in saving lives, but also to a few copies can be created in particularly stressful situations. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University has much to offer in this field. The fire brigade fax”is to an automatic multiple merge faxes”, which can be played via firmware on the fax-2920 brother. After the installation is adjusted therefore to the device, how often to automatically copy an incoming fax. The reason why this long not been commonplace lies in the so-called liability by fax “, which has legal meaning.

So the sender need can rely on, that a fax message is delivered only once (for example, when ordering). For this reason, the new firmware is not freely accessible, but must be requested explicitly. More locations are offices, a major distributor in the House be redirected where incoming faxes and where until now the fax must be copied only several times generally. For example the orders, where although not dealing seconds, but now eliminates the unnecessary step of copying. But also central customer offices, authorities and offices, where requests are centrally archived, but at the same time be redirected in individual departments. The new firmware provides brother free, but only on request. New devices are not standard delivered with the new function, and the function cannot be used on other models of fax or multifunction devices. The firmware can but all already in the field the appliances of the brother fax-2920 applied.

Brother recommends the update only by a trained service technician. Further details fax with multiple expression under the title “in the solution section of the website described. There, the request of brother can be placed directly. g3.