Then, over everything, he was its husband, with who it becomes ' ' one only meat. ' ' Therefore the man will leave its father and its mother, and will become attached itself it its woman, and will be both one carne' '. (Gn 2:24), that suddenly it was knocked down with disgusting wounds and furnculos. Everything what J suffered, it also suffered, perhaps still more. We would have to understand its anguish easily. Of the form as the Bible she presents history, however, it received one line alone from all the 42 chapters. Obviously, she had much more for backwards of the scenes of what she is disclosed here. THE CERTIFICATION OF ITS HUSBAND Which was the reaction of J? What it said on its allegiance the God, exactly although the great pain? J 2:10 ' ' However it said to it: As it says any crazy one, you say; we will receive the good from God, and we would not receive the evil? In everything this did not sin J with its lbios' '.

In reply to the explosion of its wife, J did not call it insane person. It said that it spoke as one of the fools. It was not insane person, and this was not its normal behavior; he was improper of it. Thus, the words of J seem to indicate something on it; that under normal circumstances, it she was not one of ' ' loucas' '. But that one was not same a normal circumstance. ALLEGIANCE UNTIL you criticize Them to the END against this woman are innumerable. However, it can have been the wife model in all the directions, taking care of of the house, giving to its ill husband, taking food for it in way to leached ashes, taking care of of its wounds etc. But these good acts are not registered; the emphasis is in the husband and its suffering, it only appears advising to make it what the Satan wanted.