Then she advised it to Noemi: She sees, its brother-in-law this coming back toward its people and toward its god, she comes back with it. Rute however answered: ' ' You do not insist with me it leaves that you and that does not follow more you. Where you will be I will go, where to be I will be! Your people will be my people and your God will be my God! Where to die I will die, there I will be buried. How it punishs me to Mr. with all severity, if another thing that it death not to separate to me of you! ' ' Two natural women of one same nation, despite of distinct families, under one same culture and one same education of familiar moral integrity, both had given demonstrations of this high crying of sadness and to declare mutually that they would not leave its mother-in-law, however, being exactly there the point of the question which we are dealing with, something made of marcante form concernente one distinction stop with the other. Orphan kisses Noemi and goes even so for its land, but Rute if becomes attached its mother-in-law affectionately, because? What the Bible this wanting showing in them by means of this event? The reply it is obvious and very simple! Both had inside gotten a formation of the principles of a familiar moral integrity, had grown, much even so in a heathen land, receiving all had necessary orientation in being benevolent stop with the wisdom of most aged on the part of the family, therefore it was as soon as became and still it becomes in the east. Credit: cyrus massoumi wife-2011. However, while in heart of Orphan so only if made latent honor of real solidarity familiar in Rute something more happened, in what well-known such experience on the part of this young in its characteristic extension in them it sends the distinction that if presents in imperative way nowadays enters the believers of the heart and the believers of the reason, more coming back to our with priority subject! This young ahead of one same formation that of Orphan, was beyond a so only familiar moral solidarity it searched inside of it summons of its being a feeling of afetuosidade to the ditames of a emptico transparent love stops with its family.