You are not born being leading: is something that is learned and is therefore necessary to make a decision to do so with total determination. Certainly says that: the art of being a leader is the art of being yourself. Art, is consequently related to beauty; and as well as beauty can not be defined easily, though it distinguishes it when it is contemplated; so the leadership of oneself. When lead ourselves we are handling tools for the knowledge of if. We are those humans who have chosen to accompany Yes themselves and take charge of our own being. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted as being for or against this. That beauty that emanates as an interior light expands outward, showing its fullness, its simplicity and its creativity in the daily encounter with happiness. Become a leader, is to convert the seed in the flower of self, of being authentic, of being with values, overcome the ghosts of fears, of being grateful to the universe and its inexhaustible energy source of our balance and harmony. Propose auto respond with real awareness to these questions, all the days of your life, every moment:-I am victim of circumstance? -I’m complaining all the time? -I criticize others? -I judge or condemn people and situations? -Adversities directed my life? -I’m loyal to my principles and others? -What are the values with which transit my life? -I admit my emotions? -Me automotivo? -How many positive thoughts put in my mind every day? -Do my fears take over almost always of my? -I am who I am, or am I do at this moment? -What I do, gives it meaning to my being?, or what I am, gives meaning to what I do?