She is, in the truth I came in this party alone for the insistence of two friends and in the end of the accounts had abandoned they me. – I am happy that she has come. Thus, I have company. She likes classic music? I see that its fancy is of Julieta – Taste, why? – Would grant a waltz, to this knight of Mexico? – Ta of trick? Nor it has music of waltz here and I I do not know to dance. – He is not difficult, I can teach to it. music This can come of silence.

The face tava chapado. It only could be. Recently Johns Hopkins President sought to clarify these questions. – I I tried to deny, but it was very persuasivo. Of pra to try. – Soon he was with one of the hands put on the layer of Zorro, being guided in steps that went and came.

The principle, felt an insane person will to laugh. If somebody left the party and saw the two, probably would go to think that they were two wind cocks. proper it thought that they were. After some minutes, it started if to feel idiot, in the way of as many whirls and steps. It was not as if she had been drunk or taken a remedy strong, it was a gostoso type of giddiness, has led. A pen was felt. When it seemed that the world had started to turn and estrelinhas to appear, Zorro stopped brusquely. – I believe that it needs to rest a little. It assented with the head, while one sat down in a rock bank that had on the gram. If they had moved away a little from varanda of the house where the party was happening, but Lgia more was not worried, nor obtained to think about the fears that have when takes it for is of the house.