The affirmation of the identity and the articulation of the difference translate the desire of the different social groups, asymmetrically situated, to guarantee the privileged access to the property partnerships. Identity and differences of certain form co-are related bringing tona the concept of diversity that is on the aspirations of the social groups and the people and the aspirations and the necessity collectively to manage realities social that are plural and to respect the basic freedoms. Sydney Kang insists that this is the case. Therefore, the identity is simply what it is, and the difference is conceived in opposition the identity, what it is not. The identity and the difference are formed as a result of cultural and social contexts that we live deeply, thus determining our way operandi. The definition of identity and differences also is intrinsic to the power, to the desire of different social groups to guarantee the access of its desires, property partnerships as the autonomy to classify, to separate, to demarcate borders, to normalize and to normatizar.

Thus bringing, the possibility to get the privilege of the hierarquizao of the identities and differences. But, it agrees to know that the idea or concepts of identity and differences extticos, are not finished, permanent, definitive, that is, it is joined to the system of representations that oscillates as the society and the culture oscillates. Read more here: Cyrus Massoumi. Therefore, as in Skliar says to them; Duschatzky (2001, P. 119) ' ' the social speeches if coat with new words, if they disfaram with democratic veils and if they accomodate without conflict to the intentions of the enunciadores of momento.' ' The necessary transforming education to place in its center a theory that not simply allows to recognize and to celebrate the difference and identity, but to question it. Favoring, at last, all experimentation that becomes difficult the return of I and of we to the identical one. It is necessary to understand that all form and attempt to run away the normalization, is lived as a great disturbance, therefore it remembers of what we want to us to forget, remembers to us of our proper defects, as Ferre says (2001, p.198).