Ananias in no time said to God that he would not comply with their instructions or that he was not willing to go beyond where the Lord sent it. He simply reasoned with your God and Lord. He gave you reasons as to a friend. Your answer is only a great sign of the beautiful relationship of friendship and trust that had with God! He converses with God, without presenting apologies as did other men of God. He only gives God his point of view against Saul, but looked calm God’s response. AND She will not be waiting. God simply tells you something as well: view because you are going to Minister to one of the great beyond. Do not ask anything more and go.

Do not compare the fear you have to go there with the sufferings that Saul will have to suffer for my name!. I.e., God even reveals Ananias the immense purpose that had in the life of this man. With those words God gives peace of mind and Ananias appears in the text as a very attentive to your such man, your advice and your decrees. 2 We are ready to go clear, that reasoning of Ananias was in some way a kind of opposition, but taking care of refuse to hear and obey. Those reflections did not serve that Dios changed its opinion (therefore not is man to be changing of opinion) but that Ananias charged confidence and boldness to know your God’s purposes. At the same time God never refused to give the reasons for that was commissioned by this mission and had given him the vision he by contrast was merciful in the explanation of the purpose as the I had all this. Ananias, as every obedient man, to know God’s purpose, does not put more topics of conversation, not more delay its action, does not further questions, no trafficking involved God with more speculation, much less heard God and doing something else like for example did Jonas.