Where only the cards of the major arcana are the old traditional symbols. The remaining 56 cards of the small arcana were added later, or were later illustrated. The main (start) difficulties, which in my Seminars occur, is to put the cards in relationship with a Legesystem and then to “create a final overall”. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins understands that this is vital information. This is sometimes confusing for many, but with time, you get, exactly how learning a foreign language,… then every person who learned the card point, exercise …und I take their words, this “input from the top”? Now, Tarot reader works with and without this “input”.

I think that depends on how much this man, on this, we call it “Depth”, admits. I know psychics, cards and interpreting also rigidly according to the pictures. More in Common gathered all the information. That work. Me BBs’s halt in addition also still different. The everyone I call that it time which helps investment to this “input”, in itself, I believe. The only question is, how much does it for himself. (Similarly see: Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins).

That’s up to each person in his say, discretion. That is, they believe that every human being, let’s say, a psychic investment in itself bears? Yes, that am I convinced. How you it now precisely titled”, whether with psychic disposition or expanded awareness etc. is not relevant in my opinion. And how could I promote then, say, my predisposition to do so? Well, that depends. There are different ways. For example, you could deal with the chakra theory, see or detect the aura or shamanism. Well, and is also the study of Tarot cards, or even that of the runes, etc. Everything that goes in this direction, has his permission, and serves up with what everyone inside has to employ and promote. What comes out at the end of it, that is individual for each person. A quite media”wife to once told me: each has its place in this great spiritual wheel.